Honda EV6010 Generator Troubleshooting – 3 Steps

honda ev6010 generator troubleshooting
honda ev6010 generator troubleshooting

Honda is one of the most famous companies when it comes to automobiles and motorcycles. Their vehicles have amazing durability and performance which makes them a great option to go for.

However, you should note that there is also some power equipment that this brand manufactures. Their lineup of generators comes with numerous features to keep the users satisfied. Additionally, if you are a motorhome user then this company also has portable generators available at their stores.

These are much smaller and make almost no noise which makes them great for RVs. Additionally, you can also carry them without going through much trouble. Aside from this, the EV6010 from Honda is one of the best generators that you can get for your vehicle.

This has numerous features and should also last you a long time. However, no matter how amazing it is, there are also some problems that you can run into. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a few common issues that can be found on Honda EV6010 Generator along with their troubleshooting steps.

Honda EV6010 Generator Troubleshooting

1. Starter Motor Works but Engine Will Not Start

One of the most common problems that people get with their Honda generators is that the starter motor on them starts working but the engine will not start. This confirms that there are no problems with your electrical wirings and the issue is from the generator itself. Talking about this, one important thing that not many people know about is the requirement for these portable generators. Most devices like the ones from Honda require you to have at least 1/4th of your fuel tank filled.

Considering this, if your fuel was dropping below this then that might be why the generator is not working now. You can try filling the tank with fuel to see if that fixes the problem. You must wait for some time after adding the fuel as it takes time to completely sit down. Other than this, if you are still having trouble then check the load on your generator.

Sometimes the device is under a lot of pressure which can prevent it from working. Switching off any electrical appliances that drain lots of electricity from the generator should help in fixing this problem. If the issue is fixed by these steps then you can prevent running into the same problem again by avoiding these mistakes.

2. Generator Is Overheating

Another common issue that many people have with their generators is that the device has started to overheat. This can be quite annoying to deal with as you will notice that the generator keeps on shutting down. Although, several reasons can cause this problem. The first one is that you might have overloaded your device with too much pressure.

Following the same steps mentioned above should help in fixing the issue. However, if this does not work then you can check where the generator is installed. Sometimes keeping the device in an area that is not ventilated properly can also cause this issue. This is why your generator must be either near a window or in a place where the air is constantly hitting it.

Alternatively, people who do not have free space in their vehicle to position their generator like this can install a small fan near it. Keep this running while the generator is running to avoid it from heating up. Finally, you should also keep a check over the coolant levels in your device and keep them filled up. If you notice any leaks in the coolant tank then get these fixed as soon as possible.

3. Generator Is Running but No Electricity

Sometimes when trying to use your generator, you might notice that it is running but there is no power. There are two main reasons for this problem which are both quite easy to fix. One of these includes checking if all the wirings for your generator are still connected. These can come off easily if you had recently changed the positions of your device. On the other hand, the second reason why you can get this issue is if the circuit breaker on your generator is set off. Simply switching it on will fix the problem, allowing you to use the device again.

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