Hellwig vs Roadmaster Sway Bar- The Better One?

hellwig vs roadmaster sway bar
hellwig vs roadmaster sway bar

Having an RV or motorhome with you for your trips can be extremely helpful. These vehicles come with numerous features that ensure that you have a fun time on your trip. You can even install additional equipment for your ease.

Although, when it comes to driving these around. Their large size can make it hard for people to steer them. Considering this, companies have come up with sway bars that can be installed on your vehicle.

While some manufacturers might provide their users with a stock one. These will still provide you with enough sway to make it difficult when making sharp turns. This is why it is always a better option to install a third-party sway bar on your vehicle instead.

Two of the best companies around that manufacture these devices are Hellwig and Roadmaster. You might be confused between these two which is why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison.

Hellwig vs Roadmaster Sway Bar


Hellwig is a famous company that is known for manufacturing sway bars and helper springs for its users. The brand only has these two products available at the time. However, you should note that there are several lineups for their devices.

You can visit their official website to find a list of all their products listed. Clicking on them should show you the information about these devices making it easier for you to select one.

Though, you should keep in mind that it is important to select the model of your vehicle when the website is opened. This will help you in finding products that are compatible with the model, leaving out all the hassle of doing this on your own.

Additionally, there are two sway bars that you can purchase. One of these is made for the front of your vehicle while the second is for its back. You can either purchase both of these or just get one of them.

However, it is recommended that you install both sway bars to get a much stable driving experience. As for the installation process, this is quite easy and you can do this on your own. There is no need to make extra holes in the vehicle which makes the method even better.

Finally, the best thing about choosing the sway bars from Hellwig is their prices. These are relatively cheaper when compared to Roadmaster. Considering this, you should be able to save a lot of cash by going for Hellwig.


Roadmaster is another brand that focuses on manufacturing sway bars. Several models are made for different vehicles. Keeping this in mind, the user can go through their lineups and then match the specifications with their vehicle to find a supporting bar.

If you are having any troubles with finding a product that will fit on your motorhome then you can contact the company directly. They have a helpline specifically made to help users with finding products so that they do not have any issues.

Overall, when you compare the ratings between these two brands, then the results are mostly similar. However, as mentioned above, Roadmaster sway bars can be a bit expensive than Hellwig.

Furthermore, another advantage that they have is that even some RV manufacturers use the sway bars used by Hellwig. Aside from this, another downside to using Roadmaster bars can be that they are difficult to install on your own.

This is because the user has to drill some holes on the base of their vehicle before putting up the product. Some people might find this easy while others will have to take their motorhome to a workshop.

Both companies have customer support services that can be contacted if you ever run into problems with the devices.

Moreover, they also have a warranty on their products which means that you can get replacements in case of any major issues. Although, there are certain guidelines that you will have to follow. You can find a list of these available on the official websites of both companies.

In the end, there is not much evidence for Roadmaster’s sway bars being better than Hellwig. This is why it should be a better option to go for them. The only reason why you might select Roadmaster can be if you are getting the bars at a cheaper price.

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