3 Ways To Fix Grease Fitting Will Not Take Grease

grease fitting will not take grease
grease fitting will not take grease

The grease fitting is very important for the maintenance of your vehicle. You can use a grease gun to lubricate the grease fitting which helps the bearings in your vehicle.

Usually, you have a metal ball that seals the grease fitting. This metal ball prevents any particles from getting into the fitting. Moreover, it also keeps the grease inside the fitting and seals everything inside.

The pressure from the grease gun moves this metal ball inwards to supply the grease into the fitting. However, a lot of people have been complaining about their grease fitting not taking grease. Here are some solutions that can help you with that.

How to Fix Grease Fitting Will Not Take Grease?

  1. Heat the Grease Fitting

Now, the main reason why your grease fitting won’t take grease is that the grease can get frozen up inside the device. Due to which you are unable to inject more grease through the grease fitting. Usually, this happens when you have not added grease to your grease fitting in a long time.

So, to deal with the clogged-up grease fitting you can use heat around the grease fitting. Make sure to avoid heating the device too much as that can damage the fitting. Just apply a bit of heat through a burner and then try injecting grease again.

Depending upon the status of the situation of the grease fitting you should be able to add grease to the fitting.

  1. Use Grease Buster

The grease buster is another device that can make it easier for you to deal with clogged grease fitting. So, you can use this device to free up the grease fitting and add in more lubricant for your device. It is very easy to use the grease buster and you will just need a hammer to push down on the piston.

Even if the grease fitting is in an inaccessible location, you can use some accessories along with the grease buster to access the grease fitting. So, if you have to deal with this problem frequently then it might be better to buy a grease buster and you can fix the grease fitting within a few minutes.

  1. Replace Grease Fitting

Sometimes the metal ball inside the grease fitting can also get blocked by some particles. So, if your grease fitting is leaking or not taking any grease then it is a viable solution to replace the fitting. The replacement is inexpensive and the new grease fitting won’t run into issues if you take care of it.

You will need to get a replacement if the grease fitting is not taking any grease even after using heat or grease buster. The metal ball inside the fitting might be stuck and the only thing left to do is to buy a new fitting.

You won’t have any trouble while installing the new grease fitting as you will just need to take out the old fitting and screw in the new one. Then you can use a grease gun to lubricate your machine without having any issues.

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