3 Ways To Fix Freightliner Instrument Cluster Not Working

freightliner instrument cluster not working
freightliner instrument cluster not working

The instrument cluster is especially important in heavy-duty vehicles like Freightliner trucks. It helps the driver in keeping track of different indicators. Depending upon the model of your truck the instrument cluster can have a few additional features along with the basic indicators.

The display provides information regarding the integrity of different parts of the truck. To some extent, it keeps the driver and the vehicle safe from unexpected mechanical failures.

If your instrument cluster is running into problems then it should be your priority to get it fixed. There are a few troubleshooting methods that can be used if the instrument cluster is not working on your Freightliner.

How to Fix Freightliner Instrument Cluster Not Working?

  1. Check Solenoid & Fuse

You should check for a blown fuse or a defective solenoid if none of the indicators on your instrument cluster are working. If the fuse is blown then you won’t get any power from the source, meaning that your indicators won’t work unless they get a continuous power supply.

So, if your condition is similar to the scenario mentioned here then you should start by checking the fuse box connected to the instrument cluster. You can use a measuring tool like a multimeter or some other inexpensive device to check both sides of the fuse. If the vehicle is powered up then you should get a reading on the device.

If you are not getting any reading on the measuring tool then you will be sure that the fuse is blown and you can just replace the fuse to fix this issue. Usually, this process won’t take much time if you know what you’re doing.

However, if it is your first time then it is recommended that you ask an experienced friend for help. The fuse replacement should be inexpensive and you won’t have to pay the mechanic hundreds of dollars to fix your instrument cluster.

  1. Fix Sensors & Cables

If you’re in a situation where only a few indicators are malfunctioning then the problem is not originated from the fuse box. It may be that the cables or sensors on your instrument cluster are faulty. Now, you might have to take out the instrument cluster for this step. Doing that can be fairly complicated so if you’re not sure then just take the vehicle to a mechanic.

Anyhow, take out the instrument cluster and check for any physical damage to the cables connected to it. If the issue is with an indicator light, then depending upon the type of indicator you will have to perform different tests to check the integrity of the sensors.

If the Sensors are not working as they should then you will have to replace them. There is not much that you can do to fix these sensors at home. After buying the replacement, you need to install the new sensors and that should fix the indicator.

If any gauge or meter on your instrument cluster is malfunctioning then the problem might be related to a defective wire. The testing and installation methods are different for each sensor. So, it might not be as straightforward for you to test the integrity of the cables and sensors yourself.

  1. Contact Freightliner

The issue with the instrument cluster is more common than you might think. It will do you good to contact Freightliner regarding this matter. You can contact them on the company number that is available on their official page.

Explain the issue with the instrument cluster and they will connect you with a professional. This person will help you isolate the cause of this malfunction. Afterward, he will help you go through different troubleshooting steps relevant to the type of error you’re facing.

Most of the time, this issue can be traced back to faulty solenoids and fuses. So, it is probable that you won’t have to bother with other solutions and everything will start working perfectly after you check the battery connection and power status along with the terminals. A multimeter can be very helpful during these tests.

There also have been a few cases where the issue was originated from a broken indicator light. So, if a single indicator is not lighting up as you start your vehicle then make sure to check the bulb along with the sensor connected to the indicator on your instrument cluster. Hopefully, the instrument cluster on your Freightliner will start working properly after this.

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