Forest River Water Pump Not Working- 3 Solutions

forest river water pump not working
forest river water pump not working

Forest River is a famous company from America that is known for manufacturing some of the best RVs and trailers for its users. The brand has a huge lineup of vehicles that you can select from. Although, all of the models available might confuse you at first. This is why it is recommended that you visit their website and take a look. This contains all the motorhomes available as well as all the information required about them.

Considering this, you should easily be able to find an RV that will work best for you. While the lineups from this company can be amazing to use, there are also some issues with them. Talking about this, one problem that people complain about is the Forest River water pump not working. If you are also getting the same issue then here are some steps to help you in getting rid of it.

Solutions for Forest River Water Pump Not Working

1. Check Fresh Tank

One of the best features of a motorhome is that you have access to water throughout your trip. However, it is important to keep in mind that the supply of water on your vehicle is not unlimited. Usually, you have to fill up the fresh tank in your motorhome which will then be used to supply water all over the vehicle.

Talking about this, the issue of your water pump not working on your Forest River motorhome can be because the fresh tank is empty. Considering this, there is no way for your pump to flow out water if it is not getting any itself. In this case, you will notice that the pump pushes out air instead of water. Simply filling up your fresh tank with clean water will help in fixing this problem.

Sometimes the gauge for your water tank might also show you that the tank is full but it might be empty. This is why you must check the tank itself in case you are getting this issue. Additionally, once you are done with this, make sure that you get your gauge fixed as well. This is because it can be quite frustrating to check up on your water tank again and again.

2. Pipeline Might Be Broken

If you have already checked your water tank and it is filled up. Then the next most likely reason why you might be getting this issue is that your pipelines might be broken. You should start by checking the pipes coming out of the water pump and then observing them. Usually, if you were getting no water in your vehicle then the breakage in your pipelines should be easily visible.

Once you find this, check how much the damage is. Sometimes small cracks can be fixed by installing fittings on your pipes. These are quite useful as you do not have to solder them or use glue. This is why it is recommended that you purchase a bunch of fittings and store them in your vehicle. On the other hand, if the damage is too much or you have no fittings available.

Then you will have to get your pipes replaced with new ones. This will take some time but make sure that you get new pipes installed as soon as possible. This is because getting water leakage on your motorhome can be quite dangerous. If your interior gets damaged then you will have to get all of this replaced. This can cost a lot of money which is why you should avoid dealing with it.

3. Electric Issues

Finally, if your pump is still not working then there is a chance that your problem is from an electrical issue. This usually means that the motor for your pump is not getting any supply of current. You will first have to test the wirings on your device to see if these are working fine. Sometimes these can come off or get damaged which will cut your connection.

Make sure that you install the wire back in if it had come off. On the other hand, if you notice any cracks or breaks on the cables then get these replaced. Finally, if you are still having issues then you should contact a specialist to check your water pump.

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