Are RV Faucets Different from House Faucets?

Are RV Faucets Different from House Faucets?
Are RV Faucets Different from House Faucets?

RV Faucet vs. House Faucet

Faucets are an essential part of every day, washing your hands is one of the most basic and important methods of hygiene, hand washing is a simple act that takes no more than five minutes and can prevent us on numerous occasions from the presence of viruses, bacteria, and diseases that are transmitted through contact with various surfaces or that are in the environment. It is considered that handwashing can prevent us, in addition to small disease conditions, serious problems such as the different types of hepatitis that are spread through person-to-person contact and can mean profound health complications.
All health professionals agree on the importance of handwashing to maintain personal hygiene and to avoid the presence of different types of diseases. Thus, a simple act such as handwashing can prevent us from endless complications.

So, when it comes to having this necessity covered in an RV, it is obvious that RV drivers need one in their daily life, even just to wash some food and anything else. In this post we will talk about the differences between an RV faucet and a regular house faucet, the ones we are all familiar with:


Most RV manufacturers don’t base their faucets on what may look nice and pleasantly aesthetic. They worry mostly on how the product fits as long as it works, so for people who are really into interior design, this can be a disadvantage in case they are looking forward to having a nice interior. Unlike regular house faucets, there are a lot of manufacturers who offer really nice designs, so there are many options buyers can choose from.


A lot of the RV faucets and plumbing are made out of plastic, which is a cheap material that can look and feel a bit tacky. The reason they opt for plastic materials is that they are trying to make the RV less heavy. Sadly, you might have to find a replacement eventually because these faucets do not last long. On the contrary, house faucets have better quality materials that will last longer and will give the interior a more luxuries style.


One of the questions most people ask is “Is a house faucet compatible with an RV?” And it’s not as easy as a yes or no answer, even though they do look the same the RV faucets are designed to fit exactly with the plumbing they are connected to, which is usually different to the metal hoses house faucets use. So, you would just need to find the right adapters to switch them and then install the house faucet. These adaptors are not difficult to find, you can buy them online or in an RV store, and can completely change the lifestyle inside an RV so they are good investments.

So, there you go, if you are not an interior design fanatic the RV faucet will probably won’t bother you, but if you are all in for interior design you might want to look into other options and change it.


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