EternaBond vs Dicor – Which One To Choose?

eternabond vs dicor
eternabond vs dicor

If you are a camping enthusiast or just love to travel, then you most likely owe an RV. These can be a big investment for people and this is why it is important that you keep these vehicles maintained even when you are not using them.

The most essential thing that you need to look out for in RVs is their roof. You should use a good sealant on it to keep it completely sealed off. This will protect your vehicle in harsh climates. Such as heavy rain, winds, and even snow and dirt.

If you do not keep the roof maintained then these elements can easily enter your vehicle through the roof and end up damaging it. Two of the best option that you can go for are Eternabond Tape and the Dicor Sealant.

Both of these have their own benefits. This is why we will be using this article to give all the information you need to know about these two. This should also help you in deciding which one to use.

EternaBond vs Dicor

EternaBond RV Roof Sealant Tape

This is a really popular product that many campers choose to use on their vehicle. There are many reasons for this. On top of being a really good sealant, you can use this to easily fix up any part of your vehicle that might have gotten a little teared up.

There are different options available to the user when you decide to purchase this product. The roll comes in a lot of sizes and you can select one depending on your use.

If you want to use this just to seal off the roof of your vehicle then you can purchase the smallest tape. But if you want to fix up other damaged parts as well then you can buy a bigger roll and keep some store up as well for later use. You can apply the tape to any part that you notice is leaking. This is quite easy to use because you just need to take the strip of tape that you need from the roll and cut it. The tape can be applied on most surfaces of your vehicle. You can even check the list of these surfaces by reading the manual given with the tape.

The tape is also made to resist the most extreme weather and will prevent any water or dirt from entering your vehicle. The user rating of this tape is also extremely positive and most people are extremely satisfied with it. The only problem that you might encounter while using this is that the tape is not sticking to some surfaces. While this is quite a rare problem, you can use some other adhesive to help you in sticking it to the vehicle.

Dicor Lap Sealant

Dicor provides a number of different types of sealants that they can use on their vehicles. You can browse for these on their website and then select one depending on your use. All of these are great options to be used and are in fact one of the most used sealants in the market.

You can apply this sealant extremely easily by pouring it on the spot that you want it on. After this wait for some time for it to dry up. It will then stay there for a long time and you won’t have to worry about that spot leaking anymore. This product is also designed to work on most surfaces without any problem.

You can purchase a single bottle of this bottle or purchase a bundle instead. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a self-leveling sealant and will work seamlessly on any horizontal surface that you decide to apply it on. Although, if you want to use a sealant on a vertical surface then this is not a good option. While it might work even on a vertical seam, it will be a little difficult to balance the liquid and get it to dry in the place you want it on.

Both of these products are quite different from each other. This means that it is up to your personal preference to decide which one you should go for. The EternaBond is perfect for vertical surfaces but it considered to be a temporary fix for horizontal surfaces. This is where the Dicor sealant is the best option.

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