Escapees vs Americas Mailbox – Mail Forwarding Service Comparison

escapees vs americas mailbox
escapees vs americas mailbox

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their family and friends. Although, when it comes to enthusiasts you will notice that they stay on their trips for a much longer time. This is why they must carry a lot of equipment with them. Storing all of this in your car can be difficult. This is why people decide to get larger vehicles like motorhomes and RVs instead.

These come with space to store all your luggage while also providing you with comfortable furniture that you can rest on. Aside from this, one recent service that people have been talking about is the RV mail forwarding service. There are two major companies that you can select for this which is why people get confused between them. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between Escapees vs Americas Mailbox. This should make it easier for you to select one of these brands.

Escapees vs America’s Mailbox: Which Mail Forwarding Service To Choose?


The first thing that most people think when hearing about a mailing service is why they would need it. You should note that usually most of your mails get sent to your house. Although, when you are a camping enthusiast then most of these mails and parcels will sit at your mailbox. Most mailing companies will take a parcel back after 10 days and mails after 20 to 30 days.

These will then be sent back to the sender which is why enthusiasts that been out for more than months want to purchase a mailing service instead. These act as a warehouse that all of your mails will be sent to. You can then get these delivered to you if needed or you can simply ask for a scanned copy of the documents.

Escapees are among the best RV mailing services that come with numerous features. The company will provide you with a real street address from several states. Additionally, they accept packages from both FedEx and UPS. You will also have access to an account that can be used to check what mails you have received.

Keep in mind that the company requires you to subscribe to their packages before you can use their services. Luckily, there are tons of options that you can choose between which even allow you to customize the mails that the company will receive. This will allow you to save a lot of money by keeping your postage free of junk or spam mail.

America’s Mailbox

Americas Mailbox is another famous mailing service that people question. The first difference between them and Escapees is that the company only offers a mailing address in South Dakota. Talking about this, if the mails or parcel that you received were important and you want to access them the only option you have is to get these shipped to you. You will also have to pay for the shipping charges which is why this can be a little troubling.

Luckily, both brands also offer services that can be used to get interior scans of your documents. Escapees offer a 10$ subscription to get exterior scans of your mails and an additional 0.5$ for every interior scan. On the other hand, America’s Mailbox offers a series of packages that you can purchase. The best one from them is titanium plus which will give you the same features as Escapees but with additional costs.

The brand also provides you with 24/7 access to your online mailing account but you have to be at least at the gold level for this. Now that you understand all this but you are still confused about which mailing service to select. Then one solution is that you consider where your home is and what areas you are likely to visit.

This will help you in getting a service where you can easily access your mails if required. Additionally, keeping in mind how many mails you receiver typically will also help you in understanding if the service is worth it or not. While keeping these things in mind will help you in getting a better package. One lucky thing for you is that none of these subscriptions are final. Considering this, you can easily change your plan or mailing service and try some other one if you want to.

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