4 Enclosed Trailer With AC Disadvantages And How You Can Workaround Them.

There are many reasons why you’d consider owning an enclosed trailer with ac. Enclosed trailers are unique because your imagination is the limit. You can choose any layout you want, add cabinets or a kitchen. Design it however you want if you’re handy enough and have the tools to do so.

Enclosed Trailer with AC is a new trend that can be seen around campgrounds. There are many reasons to consider this cheap and super customizable option.

For instance, maybe you want to sleep in it or use it as a cheap alternative to a travel trailer. Enclosed trailers are incredibly light, and can be pulled by almost any vehicle with a hitch. They are far less costly than a typical travel trailer or Camper.

The one drawback to all this is most of the time enclosed trailers don’t come with an AC unit.

Diagram of different Enclosed trailer AC types and there advantages and disadvantages

Placement of AC unit

One problem I hear about is when installing or upgrading an AC unit is where to attach it to the trailer. The placement of the unit on an enclosed trailer with AC is crucial. I typically recommend the top of the trailer. However, I have seen them on all sides of the trailer.

Buying a used AC unit that may have one time, been on a Camper is the best. It’s the best in my opinion because it’s already designed for that purpose, is intended to be on the road, outdoors, and on top of a camper.

Loud noise from AC unit

AC units can be noisy when in operation, and there is no way around this. However, several things can amplify the sound. An enclosed trailer with ac is famous for having thin walls and body which are usually made mainly out of wood and fiberglass. The problem with that is the thin walls of the trailer can transfer the vibrations and sound.

Foam Insulation to stop Noise for Enclosed Trailer with AC Unit

An easy fix to this to add foam padding around the unit where it makes contact with the body of your trailer. It’s cheap and easy to install, you may have to remove the ac unit to apply.

Condensations on walls and floor

Some owners of enclosed trailers with ac will notice water or light moisture on all the walls and floors. Not all enclosed trailers come insulated. If you have an insulated one, then this will be a very common issue. However, if you know you have an insulated enclosed trailer this issue is far less common.

Depending on the climate you camp in condensation can still happen. If you’re like me and like to sleep in the cold and its 95 degrees outside the OEM insulation can’t insulate that well.

Additional Insulation for Enclosed Trailer with AC

A cheap way to insulate without sacrificing space inside your enclosed trailer is to use Duct insulation on the walls. This is good because it’s cheap and low profile. It’s better to just add to the insulation you already have than treat it like you don’t have any. It looks like a foil bubble wrap. The shiny foil kind is the easiest to find if you don’t want that you can find a white or black option at your local hardware store.

Travel trailer AC units are expensive

Last but not least, if you bought an enclosed trailer and tried living in it without an AC unit you released that they can overheat fast in the hot summer months. Adding an Ac unit to your enclosed trailer is a significant investment.

There are of course trade-offs to this. It comes down to budget, space, and how you want your camper to look.

I think portable air conditioners are by far the easiest, cheapest, and foolproof way to give you an enclosed trailer with ac. But then you must sacrifice a little space inside the trailer and have to be willing to empty the water out of the portable unit from time to time. But you have an AC that can be used in other places because it is portable.

Adding a window unit is another option, it’s cheap, and you can make it a DIY project. You might find yourself having to remove the unit often if you place it on the side because it could stick out while driving.

Is an enclosed trailer with AC right for you?

Having an enclosed trailer with ac is a luxury, after getting around some simple drawbacks you can enjoy the cool air in your trailer. Often time’s, people that once owned a travel trailer for camping found the enclosed trailer a better option because it was far more customizable. In the end, as long as you are happy with it and can enjoy the great outdoors, it doesn’t matter.

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