4 Common Electrolux Camper Fridge Problems and Solutions

electrolux camper fridge problems
electrolux camper fridge problems

Electrolux is one of the best brands for having the camper fridge for your vehicles. It allows you to have the best edge of cooling on the camper vans. Simply put, if you have the Electrolux fridge, the cooling and extraordinary storage capacity are pretty obvious, but there are certain problems that you will have to deal with and that will cause you to have inconveniences at times. That makes you understand that these problems are inevitable and you will have to be ready to fix them up.

A few of these common problems that you will have to face on the Electrolux camper fridge and how you can fix it are listed here.

Electrolux Camper Fridge Problems

1. Circuit Problems

There are more than ordinary circuit problems on the Electrolux Camper Fridge, and that will cause you do not to have the supply for electricity on the fridge. This issue is mainly caused due to the fact that the wiring and technology used on these fridges is pretty old and some might like to call it outdated. If your breaker is being tripped more often than it should. Here is how you can fix it.


Make sure that there is no short circuit on the wiring and ensure that the wiring is not bent sharply at any point. Moving forward, you will also have to check on the wiring load capacity and might need to use some wiring that can withstand more load and heat under the circumstances if need be. That will help you make it work perfectly and you will not have to face this kind of problem or issues again.

2. Compatibility Issues

The fridge is designed to work on 110 volts and cannot go beyond that. So, an invertor is in place to make it work on the RV or Camper Van’s circuit. However, if you try to run it on 240 volts, it might run smoothly in the beginning but can end up turning bad in some time.


So, you just have to make sure that you are using this fridge only for the RV camper and not using it on the electric outlet on your walls at home. Even if you have to do that, you should be using an inverter to step down the voltages and that will make sure that you can continue enjoying the usage for this fridge for longer terms and not end up making it go bad beyond repairs.

3. Gas Leakages

Well, like all traditional fridges and ACs of the old times. This one also runs with a compressor and a coolant gas is filled into it that is compressed to ensure a smoother cooling effect in the fridge. So, ultimately the gas leakage issues are not uncommon in these fridges as you will have to put them in the RV where the fridge will not be on the flat surface and there are metal parts and objects all around it.


This flaw is in the technology for these Electrolux camper fridges and there is not much that you can do about it. If the gas is leaked, there is no other solution than to get the leakage fixed and have the gas refilled that can be a pretty costly solution. However, you can always avoid getting into such troubles and have it checked on a regular basis for all the sealants and stuff like that.

Moreover, you will also have to make sure that you don’t use any pointy objects inside the fridge either. Also, getting a housing of some soft material around the fridge except the ventilation duct can help you make sure that you can get rid of the problem efficiently.

4. If Unable To Figure Out

Well, there might be some problems that you are unable to figure out and you will simply be stuck with your Fridge not working at all. To get such issues fixed, you should take it to some Electrolux authorized technician to get it checked.

They will be able to make sure that they diagnose your fridge thoroughly within the RV and figure out the right issue that is causing your fridge to not work. Moreover, they will also be able to fix it properly so you don’t have to face inconvenience again.

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