Compare Camping Gas vs Propane Gas: Which One For Camping?

camping gas vs propane
camping gas vs propane

While going out camping, only a few numbers of people would think of using campfires for different purposes. Most people who intend to go out for a trip will think of bringing a portable tank or canister filled with gas along with themselves. This will help them in creating a fire and then can it have multiple uses.

For instance, it will help people to keep themselves warm if it is too cold outside. Another reason can be that you can easily cook even while you are out camping with the fire, that is if you brought ingredients with you.

Keeping all this in mind, there are a large number of terms used to describe different kinds of gas containers, these might make most of the people who intend to go out on a trip really confused while selecting one of these.

Usually, people consider camping gases and propane tanks to be the best options when selecting a gas tank. Something to note is that a camping gas tank will always contain different types of mixed gases.

The container that you choose to purchase depends on what type of conditions you are thinking of using it in. While the propane tank will contain only propane or at least an 80% concentration of propane gas. By using this article, we will tell you all the information you need to know about these two types of tanks. This should be able to help you in selecting which out of these two you should be selecting.

Camping Gas vs Propane Gas

Camping Gas

While a container labeled as camping gas is sure to contain different types of gases combined. It depends on the user which gas they choose to opt for to be in the excessive. The most common out of these gases other than propane is the butane gas. This is mostly selected for the range of benefits that it provides to people going out camping. The butane canisters or also mostly known as camping gas come with a percentage of 20% while the other 80% is of isobutane.

The benefit of using this gas is that it provides a boiling point of around 10.94 degrees Fahrenheit. This might change a little due to climate effects but the approximate of its boiling point will remain between this range. This gas is colorless and extremely flammable. The isobutane name comes from butane as it is an isomer of that gas. Another great thing about using this gas is that it comes in containers of varying sizes.

These start from as low as 4 ounces, which makes it a great choice for campers traveling around using backpacks. It is easily stored in their bags while they can easily roam around without having to worry about carrying a lot of weight around their shoulders. Lastly, another thing to be considered is that this gas is capable of delivering a burin time of around 2 to even 3 hours. Although this will heavily vary on what type of thank you are using.

Propane Gas

Propane gas is one of the most used gases when it goes to going out camping. This gas can be used in grills, your stove, and any other thing that you might require as a source of heat. The most important thing about this gas is that it is really cheap and can the higher you go in quantity the more inexpensive it will get. The containers used for this gas contain a compressed liquid. This means that this gas is stored in a much denser amount as compared to the other gases.

Considering this, it will last you a lot more time compared to a simple camping gas, allowing you to use it for camping stoves and cooking without running out of it. Although this does add a lot of weight to it and the more liquid you carry around the harder it will get for you to carry it. The boiling point for this gas is -44 degrees above its boiling point.  After this, the gas will be released in its gas state and will therefore be easily used in any activity that you might like to do in an outdoor environment.

Lastly, this gas is also completely colorless and odorless. However, the gas you might purchase will come with special chemicals added to it so that it will smell. This makes it a safety feature due to the fact, it can easily be noted when the gas is accidentally leaked.

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