3 Dometic Weather Pro Awning Troubleshooting Steps

dometic weather pro awning troubleshooting
dometic weather pro awning troubleshooting

If you are someone who enjoys going out on long camping trips. Then there is a high chance that you already own a motorhome or RV. These vehicles are designed so that camping enthusiasts can stay out of their homes for long periods. The features in an RV ensure that they can rest comfortably without running into any issues. Although, you should also keep in mind that the features on your vehicle are usually dependent on what company you purchase it from.

Luckily, there are brands like Dometic that manufacture devices for these vehicles. You can install these to get features that were not previously available on your motorhome. The Dometic Weather Pro Awning is one of the best awnings from the company. This has tons of features but there are also some complaints that the brand has received. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on Dometic Weather Pro Awning along with its troubleshooting steps.

Dometic Weather Pro Awning Troubleshooting

1. Awning Not Moving

The most common issue that you will notice the Dometic awnings run into is that they get stuck. Usually, if you are having trouble trying to extend these then you can simply take your vehicle to a workshop. Although, if you run into the problem while the awnings were extended. Then the user will be unable to drive their vehicle.

Talking about this, the first thing that you should note is that these awnings will only work while your motorhome is parked. Considering this, if you had the vehicle in driving mode, then simply switching to parking can help in fixing the problem. If this does not work then you can move on to checking the moving parts of the device.

The motor and gears in the awning can get covered with dust that will eventually start to clog them. This is why you must clean up the gears frequently. Additionally, you will have to lubricate the motor and gears once you are done with this. The lubrication helps the device is working efficiently and smoothly. Considering all of this, you can simply clean the awning to fix your problem.

2. Control Kit Not Working

Another problem that many people can run into is that the control kit for their Dometic stops working. This can be quite annoying as you are unable to control the device. When it comes to troubleshooting this problem, the first thing that you will have to check is the electrical wirings for your device.

These can come off or get damaged which will cut off the connection for your awnings. You can access the control panel to check all the wirings but keep in mind that these can be quite dangerous if you are not familiar with them. This is why you should contact a specialist that will look into your wirings and fix them for you.

However, if you want to do this on your own then simply start by connecting any cables that had come off back in. If the control kit is still not working then you can look for any cracks or breaks on the wires. Replacing these damaged cables will help you in fixing the issue after which you can start using your awning again.

3. Faulty Awnings

Finally, if the awnings on your vehicle are still not working then there is a high chance that these have become faulty. The main device responsible for moving these is your motor. Considering this, if you understand how the motor works then you can take it off. Testing the resistance on it using a voltmeter will confirm if your problem was with the motor or not.

If the motor is faulty then you will have to get it replaced. Your new motor must have the same specifications on it as the previous one. This is why you should contact the support team for Dometic and ask them to help you out. Once you tell them about your problem in detail, the brand should be able to help you in finding a solution. Alternatively, they will send in a replacement motor to you that can be installed.

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