3 Of The Best Dicor Alternatives

dicor alternatives
dicor alternatives

If you own a motorhome or recreational vehicle. Then you should already know the importance of keeping these maintained. You have to store them in a safe place at all times.

Even when the user is not driving their vehicles, they have to keep a check over the engine and batteries. Aside from this, the roof and windows of your RV are also essential to keep maintained.

These have a layer of sealant in them which will keep them shut. However, with time this can start to get damaged and will come off. You will then have to completely replace them with a new sealant.

If the user does not do this then water will start to enter your vehicle. Which can damage the interior and even destroy it completely.

Dicor is the best product for this but you might not have it available. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with an alternative for the Dicor Sealant.

Dicor Alternatives

  1. Geocel ProFlexRV Flexible Sealant

There are many types of sealants that you can use on your vehicle. Mainly, you can choose between a liquid solution or tape. Both of these have different application procedures but their functionality is the same. The ProFlexRV Flexible Sealant is considered to be one of the best alternatives for the Dicor.

It is manufactured by the company Geocel which is known for products that are great to use and are cheap. The sealant uses a liquid solution in it which will dry off sometime after being applied. It will then form a rubber consistency which will harden over time.

The bottle offers a pointy nose which makes it easy to apply the product wherever it is needed. The color of it is also clear which makes it look clean once dried. The only downside of using it is that the solution can take a lot of time to dry.

This mostly depends on the weather condition. If it is too cold then the solution might end up taking a few days. Though, once it dries up, you should be good to go.

  1. Premier Pro Products RV Roof Sealant

Another great product that you can go for is the roof sealant by Premier Pro. It is provided in a small pouch which you can squeeze to take out the material. This makes the applying process quite easy and you can even use it for small repairs or leaks that you are getting.

The bottle is also resealable which means that you can close off the solution and keep it stored. It can then be used whenever needed without having to worry about it going bad. While the product is mostly designed to be used for emergencies, a few pouches should be enough to cover up your roof.

Finally, the 30-day guarantee provided by the company ensures that it will work without any issues. You can contact the company during this period and ask for a refund if you do not like it. The only downside is that you have to keep brush with you at all times. Spreading the solution without it can get a little messy.

  1. Liquid Rubber RV Roof Coating

Finally, the sealant from Liquid Rubber is another option that you can go for. The product acts the same as paint and you can apply it in the same way. Use a sprayer or roller to add layers of protection to your vehicle. The solution will become rubbery once it dries up and should seal the entire area it was applied on.

It comes in containers similar to paint which should provide coverage of at least 50 square feet. You can easily apply two or sometimes even more coats on your vehicle depending on its size. The cleaning up process for this solution is also quite easy.

You can use water and soap to get rid of any sealant that you want to get rid of. The only downside to using this is that the product requires several layers of coating. The protection without these will be quite weak and you might still get leaking issues. Though, the Dicor sealant is also similar so you should not have much trouble with this.

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