3 Common Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Problems Troubleshooting

curt fifth wheel hitch problems
curt fifth wheel hitch problems

If you are someone who enjoys going out on long camping trips, then you might already own a large vehicle. These are almost necessary for people who are going to stay on their trips for a long time.

All the features provided in these ensure that you stay comfortable throughout your trip. The two main types of vehicles that you can get either fall under motorhomes or trailers.

The main difference that you will notice between them is the lack of an engine in a trailer. This is why these have to be towed down to a truck using a good hitch system. Talking about this, one of the best hitch systems that you can get on a fifth wheel is from Curt but it also has some issues.

This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on a Curt fifth wheel hitch along with its fixes.

Common Curt Fifth Wheel Hitch Problems

1. Sway Issues

The most common issue that you will find people complaining about on these hitches is that the vehicle sways around when driving. Keep in mind that no matter what trailer or hitch you using, this problem will be present in your vehicle. This is because the trailer connected to your truck will move around more and more depending on how large it is.

Although, this sway can be reduced using a good hitch system and considering some things. The hitch systems from Curt are amazing and should be powerful enough to handle most of the weight being put on them. However, it is still necessary that you distribute the weight on your vehicle properly. This can only be done by getting your truck and trailer weighed from a digital scale.

You can then balance the weight on these equally to ensure that not too much stress is put on a single spot of your vehicle. Aside from this, keeping your wheels filled with air at all times and replacing them when required will also help. These steps ensure that your trailer stays stable even when you are going at high speeds. They should also remove the sway issues you were getting.

2. Hitch Not Handling Weight

Another problem that people run into with these hitch systems is that they are not able to handle all the weight. This can be quite dangerous as excess pressure on a hitch will break it and even damage the frame on your vehicle.

Considering this, you should note that the company Curt has several hitch equipment that you can purchase. All of these have different weight limits on them. Considering this, it is important that you carefully go through these to find one that will work best with your trailer.

If you are having trouble trying to find a good hitch system for your vehicle. Then one recommendation is contacting the support team for Curt. Alternatively, you can check forums or ask a question yourself.

All of these platforms will help you in getting recommendations that you can go for. Make sure that you do your research as well to ensure you get the best possible hitch. Checking the model and weight of your truck and trailer will also help you in determining which hitch will work best for you.

3. Connection Loose

Sometimes when driving around your truck, you might notice that the hitch system is coming loose. The first sign of this is that the pin on your equipment will start to come off. If you notice then you should stop your vehicle and tighten the hitch system. Make a habit of tightening your connections frequently as the hitch system coming off can cause a disaster.

Although, if you notice that the pin starts to come off quite often. There might be something else wrong with your equipment instead. Usually, the most common reason for this is that you do not have enough pressure on the tongue of your hitch. This can cause the equipment to disconnect which is why all you have to do is move heavy furniture near the device.

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