Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Review 2022- Worth It?

curt 5th wheel hitch review
curt 5th wheel hitch review

Curt is one of the largest brands that is making those accessories that one might need to get it going for all sorts of trucks, campers, and RVs with towing trailers or having extra load on them. A 5th Wheel hitch is a truck bed hitch that couples to the kingpin of a 5th wheel trailer.

It has some metal jaws on it that secure the kingpin and moves if needed so that the trailer can move smoothly and isn’t tied up too tightly to the main body of your truck that it might topple or cause you some problems.

Curt is making some of the best 5th Wheel Hitches that you can get your hands on. Their hitches are simply amazing and there are a few competitors out there that can outrun them in terms of quality, pricing, and the right durability that you will be getting on these hitches.

The best thing about having these hitches is that Curt provides you with 3 choices. They have the A-series that is easy to operate with the help of a single handle, the Q-Series that is super quiet and the road noise is simply zero on that one.

Lastly, you get to choose the E-series that is one of the most budget-friendly 5th Wheel Hitch available in the market. A few common features and reviews that you will have to know about while selecting the curt 5th Wheel Hitches are:

Curt 5th Wheel Hitch Review


Curtis has one of the largest manufacturing operations out there that you can possibly imagine for having these 5th wheel hitches, gooseneck hitches, Towing electricals, and towing accessories.

You also get to have weight distribution accessories and trailer parts with the right cargo management on them. The best thing is that their huge manufacturing operations allow them to enjoy a smoother experience.

They are making these 5th Wheel Hitches that can go with any brand and size of the truck that you might have. So, they have one of the largest inventories out there that you might be able to find for the 5th wheel hitches.

Not only that, but they are also able to manufacture the 5th wheel hitch for you in custom shape and size if that is not available in the inventory. This will ensure that you can get yourself the right 5th wheel hitch that you need for your truck without getting into any trouble.


Well, from the Budget-Friendly E-Series to the A-series with easy operation. Each 5th wheel hitch that you can possibly get from Curt is simply amazing at durability.

You are going to get the perfect durability and reliability on these 5th Wheel hitches from Curt and that way, you can be sure that there are no problems of that sort that might hurt your chances of having a smoother journey.

You will need to ensure that the hitch you are getting will not break down on you during the journey and leave you stuck at some point. Well, that part is pretty much covered and these hitches can get the job done as they are designed to work under stress and will have no issues for you optimally.

Towing Capacity

These curt 5th wheel hitches come in different towing capacities. They range from 16K to 20K, 24K, 25K, and all the way up to 30K. this will help you ensure that you can tow some heavyweights easily and don’t have to worry about the load capacity at all.

Not only that, but these hitches have been tested for carrying and towing these weights and they have proven to be extremely reliable under stress for the towing capacity.

If you decide to go with the Curt Hitches, for your 5th Wheel, then you can get the right option according to the trailer size and weight. So, optimally you should be going for Curt 5th Wheel Hitches if you are looking to enjoy the experience of hitching the trailer.


The aesthetics and finish on these 5th Wheel Hitches are just perfect and that is why you will not have to compromise on the looks either. The metallic finish and the paint is simply amazing, and the way it looks is something that you would definitely want to have.

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