The Automated Safety Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel

The Automated Safety Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel
The Automated Safety Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel

The Automated Safety Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel

The Automated Safety Hitch is designed for use with a 5th Wheel trailer, or any other type of goose-neck trailer. It looks like a tow dolly, with the goose-neck hitch attachment. It not only will allow you to tow a 5th Wheel with a big SUV, but it can also do a whole lot more, such as improved stability and braking.

On the highway, the extra stability provided by the Safety Hitch will keep your rig stable and steering straight when a big rig truck blows by. That’s because the automated safety hitch system provides an extra axle.

What Makes the Automated Safety Hitch Stand Out

Among the features that make this system superior is better braking, remaining in your lane when turning corners, and stability.

Longer Wheel Base

This unique hitch attaches to a typical receiver hitch on your truck or SUV. The hitch connection can move vertically for traversing uneven ground, providing a unique form of independent suspension. Likewise, horizontal movement is limited, providing the additional stability and inherent safety of a wheelbase that’s 9 feet long. A longer wheelbase is an essential element for safer towing. The longer wheelbase is also the reason behind the tighter turning radius; this is because the 5th Wheel is pulled beyond the rear end of the tow vehicle, similar to a travel trailer. To assist the longer wheelbase, a steerable axle is added to the Automated Safety Hitch.

Better Braking

Your truck’s front brakes are bigger than the rear brakes; that means, when you brake hard, your truck can nosedive, which puts more weight and force onto the front brakes. But when towing a trailer, braking hard will cause the trailer to nose dive onto the back of the truck, which in turn, lifts the truck’s front end, thus lowering your ability to brake.

The Automated Safety Hitch is also equipped with hydraulic disc brakes that utilize an actuator. Every set of brakes on the truck, the 5th Wheel, and the Safety Hitch are synchronized. This is real proportional braking. Your trailer’s weight pushes on the Safety Hitch, not on the rear end of your truck. The fact is, braking is improved by as much as 50%.

One last interesting feature of this hitch system is it may be able to increase the towing capacity of many three-quarter-ton pickups and SUVs. This is mostly due to the increased braking ability and easing the weight on the rear axle springs. Of course, you need to consider the capability of your vehicle’s powertrain, especially when towing up steep grades.

The Automated Safety Hitch System is something you should consider if you plan to tow a 5th Wheel.


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