Curt Echo Brake Controller Not Working (3 Possible Causes)

curt echo brake controller not working
curt echo brake controller not working

Most camping enthusiasts own large vehicles like motorhomes and RVs. This is because these come with numerous features built into them. These include having lots of space to store all your luggage in. Additionally, you can even use electrical devices while you are traveling in your vehicle. Although, people who already own large vehicles like trucks might not want to spend so much on these motorhomes.

This is why a better option is that they get themselves a trailer. You can tow these with your vehicle and carry them around. The main braking problem found on these trailers is fixed by installing a brake controller. However, even these devices can run into some issues. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with a list of ways that can be used to fix your Curt Echo brake controller if it is not working.

Curt Echo Brake Controller Not Working

1. Check Connector

The main problem with having a trailer connected to your truck is that these can be hard to handle. When you press the brakes on your vehicle, the trailer will take some time to slow down. In case of emergencies, this small delay can cause a lot of issues. Considering this, simply installing a brake controller like the one from Curt Echo will fix this problem.

Although, if your brake controller is not working after you had installed it. Then there is a high chance that you have not set up the wires properly. The device comes with an installation manual that can be used to set it up. You must follow it carefully and ensure all the wires have been connected properly.

Additionally, the 7-pin connector on your vehicle should be tightly connected. This is the main source of connection between the trailer and truck. If you are still getting the same issue then disconnect your connector and clean it up. Sometimes dust can start to gather up in your connectors which will prevent the device from working.

Considering this, simply removing all of this should allow you to start using your brake controller again. Make sure that you remove all the dust around the small pins in your connector. If you notice that some of the pins are bent then applying a little force should help them in coming back to the correct position. Keep in mind that these pins are quite sensitive which is why they can break easily. If this happens then your only option will be to replace the connector with a new one.

2. Reset Brake Controller

If all the wirings for your curt echo brake controller are tightly connected but it is still not working. Then there is a high chance that there are some configuration errors on the device. Most of these are caused when the user changes settings they are unaware of. Although, the problem can also be from the device itself.

Whatever the case might be, trying to pin down what exactly is causing this issue will take a lot of time. Considering this, you should reset the brake controller instead. This will bring the device back to its factory default state, removing any changes that had been made to it. Keep in mind that you will have to configure all of the settings again by yourself.

To reset the device, the only thing that you will have to do is remove your connection. Now, wait for a few minutes before connecting the brake controller back into your trailer. You will notice that the device has now been reset and the problem you were getting is now gone.

3. Faulty Brake Controller

If you have gone through all the steps mentioned above but your brake controller is still running into problems. Then there is a high chance that this device might be faulty. The only solution that you can go for in this case is contacting Curt Echo.

Make sure that you provide them with detailed information about your problem. The brand will then either provide you with a viable solution that can be used. Alternatively, you will be asked to bring in your faulty equipment. If the user still has the warranty on their brake controller then they should be able to get a free replacement. Although, if you have run out of it then your only option is to purchase a new controller.

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