3 Common Cummins QSM11 Problems (Troubleshooting)

cummins qsm11 problems
cummins qsm11 problems

When going out on long trips, users have to take a lot of equipment with them. This is why they consider purchasing recreational vehicles and motorhomes.

These come with numerous features including having access to a bed, kitchen, and bath. However, most people just look at the benefits that the vehicle comes with and not its specifications.

Considering this, you should note that it is important to look out of the engine being used in your vehicle as it is responsible for how much weight the RV can carry.

Additionally, even when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle, the engine is among the most important parts. Moreover, numerous companies manufacture these devices, which is why you should consider going through the details before selecting one.

One of the best choices around is the Cummins QSM11 engine but even that has some problems. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues that can be found along with their fixes.

Cummins QSM11 Problems

  1. Engine Overheating

One of the most common problems that people have reported is that their engine seems to be overheating while they are driving. You should note that the Cummins QSM11 is a great engine that comes with numerous features. Though, if it starts to overheat then there is a high chance that the device can get damaged.

Usually, your vehicle will either switch off on its own or start to give you trouble while driving to indicate the problem. When it comes to fixing the issue, you should note that the problem is most likely with your coolant. The engine has a small tank in it that you can fill up with coolant. With time this will start to dry out and require a replacement.

Considering this, if the coolant in your vehicle has run out then that might be why it is overheating. Simply refueling the coolant should fix your issue. Though, you should make sure that you select a good quality coolant. Trying to save money on stuff like this can cause your engine to get damaged instead. Additionally, you should keep a bottle of coolant stored in your vehicle so that it can be used again.

On standard cars, the coolant requires replacement after a lot of time. However, when it comes to motorhomes or RVs, these vehicles are driven quite a lot. This is exactly why the coolant in the will dry up much faster and require you to replace it. You should also make a habit of keeping a check over the coolant in case it has started to run low.

  1. Fuel Filters Getting Dirty

Another thing that you have to look out for in your vehicle is the fuel filters in it. You have to get these replaced after a certain mileage to ensure the motorhome keeps on driving without any issues. However, if you had forgotten to do so then you will notice that the vehicle is having trouble when driving around. Considering this, you can simply get the fuel filters replaced with new ones to fix the problem.

However, if you notice that these filters are getting dirty before their mileage has hit. Then two main reasons can affect this. One of these includes having impurities in the fuel. This can be both due to your tank being dirty or the pump you are using to refuel your vehicle has an issue. On the other hand, if you are driving your vehicle in a cold climate. Then the fuel filters on Cummins are known to die out quite fast in these areas.

  1. High Fuel Burn

Diesel engines are known for providing their users with good mileage. However, many Cummins QSM11 users have reported having a high fuel burn on their vehicles. Though, you should note that the problem can be from the load on your RV instead of a fault from the engine.

If you drive around at high RPMs then having a lot of loads will cause the vehicle to drain your fuel. Considering this, you can either lower the load from your motorhome. Alternatively, you can consider driving at lower RPMs when the vehicle is under a lot of loads. Keeping these in mind should help you in getting much better mileage than before.

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