3 Common Cummins ISL9 Problems (Troubleshooting)

cummins isl9 problems
cummins isl9 problems

If you own a large vehicle or want to build a custom one for yourself. Then sometimes the users have to add in new parts or even replace them at times.

While changing the tires or suspension on your vehicle can make a huge difference in its performance. The user should note that the engine plays a much larger role than other equipment.

This is because the power required by your vehicle is fulfilled by the engine. Talking about this, Cummins is a famous company that manufactures some of the best engines you can find.

While these have numerous features on them, there are also a few issues that can be found. Considering this, we will be using this article to list a few common problems that you can get on a Cummins ISL9 along with their fixes. Going through these should help you in getting rid of the errors.

Cummins ISL9 Problems

  1. Dropped Valve

One common problem that many people can get on their engine is that the valves on it have dropped. This also means that the valves have become damaged. Many things can cause this to happen which is why it is important to look out for them.

These include, backfire, driving too fast, or even when the rotator or keeper on your vehicle is weak. Sometimes misadjusting the valves can also break or damage them.

Considering this, once the valves have gotten damaged, the user will have to get them replaced. There is no specific cost of repairs that you can find. This is because the only way to see how much this equipment has gotten damaged is by taking apart the engine.

Once the repairing service you are using identifies what parts have broken and need replacement, you will then be able to get an approximate figure. Additionally, these repairs can also take a lot of time to get fixed. Though if you are lucky then the company might be able to get it repaired sooner.

  1. Engine Oil

The engine oil in your vehicle is another important thing that you need to look out for. Usually, most users are already aware of how important this is. Your engine can only run efficiently while it is fueled with good engine oil.

Over time this will thicken up and also get dirty. The user then has to replace their oil with a new one to keep their engine running. Considering this, if you have not refueled your vehicle’s engine oil then it probably requires a cleanup.

It is usually recommended that you check the state of your engine oil frequently by removing the long pin placed in the cartridge. This can show you the condition of your oil in case it requires a replacement.

Though, if you have not been looking out for this, then the user will most likely start hearing knocking sounds coming from their engine. If this happens then you should stop your vehicle as soon as possible. Driving it in this condition will damage the engine and might even seize it.

You can easily replace this oil by taking it out completely and then filling in the new one. Make sure that you select a good company when purchasing oil as this is essential.

The mileage rating on these oils is also provided on the bottle which tells you when this needs to be replaced. Simply following this will help you to avoid the same issue in the future.

  1. Crankshaft Failure

The Crankshaft failing on your engine is another common problem that the user can get on their Cummins ISL9.

Though, you should note that this along with other issues like the camshaft failing, valves getting broken all require replacements or fixes. These can cost the user tons of money and the process will also take a lot of time.

Considering this, one solution is to claim the warranty service these engines come with. This should last you a total of 2-years starting from the purchase. You can take the vehicle to Cummins whenever you get a problem like this during this time.

The company should then be able to get it fixed or even replace the parts for you. Though, you should go through the guidelines for the warranty services before contacting the company.

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