3 Common Cummins DEF System Problems (Troubleshooting)

cummins def system problems
cummins def system problems

Purchasing a good-quality motorhome or RV requires you to do proper research on the vehicle. Considering this, the user has to look out for all the features on their motorhome as well as its specifications.

One of the most important parts of this is the engine in your vehicle. This is responsible for pulling around all the weight of your luggage that is being carried. Considering this, one of the best companies that manufacture some of the greatest engines is Cummins.

They have a huge lineup of these devices as well as generators and equipment related to these products. One feature that most people love about Cummins engine is the DEF system or also known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

This system ensures that the balance of urea and deionized water in your engine is balanced accordingly. Though, some problems can be found with the Cummins DEF system. This is why we will be using this article to tell you about some of these along with fixes for them.

Cummins DEF System Problems

  1. Handling DEF Issues

If your Cummins engine is running the DEF system then you might already have some of this stored in your house or vehicle. However, when it comes to storing DEF, there are some things that you need to look out for.

The product has to be stored in a place where it does not come in contact with direct sunlight. This can damage it and might even make the solution useless. Additionally, the company suggests that people keep their DEF stored in a cool location indoors if possible.

The product should be in a stainless steel or plastic bottle when not in use. Furthermore, you should only open up the bottle if you have to fill up your system with an additional solution.

As for how low you can go with the temperature when storing DEF in your house. Keep in mind that the solution will start to freeze when put under 12 degrees Celsius.

Though this does not affect the quality of the product and it should remain in perfect condition even when frozen. The only thing that you will have to look out for in this case is the bottle or product you had stored the solution in.

This is because DEF can expand to about 7% when it is frozen. Aside from this, if you want to keep a lot of this solution stored at your home. Then one recommendation is to purchase a container instead of small multiple bottles.

  1. DEF Getting Contaminated

If you are running into problems with the DEF system then most of these are usually related to the solution being contaminated. This is quite common as DEF is extremely sensitive to getting contaminated. This is exactly why you have to take extra precautions when it comes to handling this product.

If you have gone through the steps mentioned above then you should already know how the solution can be stored and some things to look out for. However, the most common reason for DEF to get contaminated is when filling it in your engine or when trying to check it. This is because when you open the cap, most users just install it back in after they have filled up the solution.

Although, in this case, you have to ensure that no dust enters the tank. Additionally, make a habit of cleaning the sides of your tank as well as the cap to ensure DEF does not get contaminated. You can even check the urea levels in your tank to ensure if it has been contaminated or not. However, you will have to purchase a meter for this which is why it is best that you to try preventing the problem from happening.

  1. Mileage Problems

Finally, when it comes to having mileage problems in your vehicle. You should note that the DEF system will usually make this worse on your vehicle. Considering this, if you have been getting a bad millage on your motorhome or RV.

Then one recommendation is to stop using the DEF system. Most people who have deleted the DEF system have reported getting about a 30% improvement in their mileage. However, this works best on large vehicles and the results for cars are not the same.

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