Coleman Flatwoods vs Coleman Sundome – Which One?

coleman flatwoods vs sundome
coleman flatwoods vs sundome

Forgoing out for trips where you will need to stay out in the wild. It is extremely essential that you bring a tent with you. This will allow you to rest in it and sleep at night. The tent acts as a source of comfort for people going out camping and can even protect them during rough weather and rain. While keeping you both comfortable and cozy it will also act as a home for you while you explore the outdoors.

Without the tent, it will be almost impossible to enjoy your trip. Keeping this in mind it is essential for people to look out for the perfect tent that you should purchase and bring with them. Although, when purchasing a tent, you will notice that there is a huge lineup of these products. This can make it quite difficult to find out which of them is the best one for you.

Considering this, two of the best tents that Coleman provides are the Flatwoods and Sundome tent. These are extremely comfortable and both maintain a really positive rating from the users. If you are wondering which one to choose between these, here is a comparison between them. Reading this article should help you decide which tent out of these two you should be selecting.

Comparing Coleman Flatwoods vs Coleman Sundome

Coleman Flatwoods

The Coleman Flatwoods tent is a great option for many campers when going out camping. The main reason for this tent to be so good is that it is extremely fast to set up. Coleman claims that it will only take about 10 minutes for a camper to set this tent up.

There are a few things that make this tent unique. These include the WeathertecTM system that has been integrated into it. This means that the seams in this tent are inverted while the floors are welded. This makes it almost impossible for the rain to get in allowing you to rest easy and comfortable even in heavy rain.

Another useful thing that this tent has is that the door is located to the side of the tent instead of being in the middle. This allows people to get out of it easily without having to climb over their bedding every time they need to have access to their storage.

The pole material used for this tent is steel which is quite durable. Additionally, the flooring area of this tent is 9ft x 7ft.  This is more than enough space for up to 3 people and they can stay in it comfortably.

Although, when it comes to fitting 4 people in this tent; You will have to keep in mind that it might get a little uncomfortable. This is because your bodies will be touching with each other due to the tight fit. Another con for this tent is that it is not able to stand up firmly in heavy winds. Even a gust of wind will cause this tent to crinkle up.

Coleman Sundome

This tent is also among some of the best tents a person can take with themselves. It comes in two styles, one of these is the four-person tent and the other is made for two people. Even though this is a really nice tent and comes at quite a cheap price. The poles used by this tent are made from fiberglass instead of aluminum. These work out for most of the camping situations although it is to be noted that they are not as durable as an aluminum pole.

Although the finishing details in this tent might look a little lacking and the durability it provides is also not long term. The overall construction of this tent is proven to be quite sturdy and will last you a long time without running into any problems. The zipper on this tent might get stuck sometimes due to condensation, but when you consider how low its price is, this is a perfect tent.

Proving the dimension of 63 square feet in its inside. This tent can fit 2 people easily, but when you consider fitting in 4-people then it might get a little tight. The height of this tent is 59” which is quite a low height for a tent-like this. The covers on top of the tent provide great cover although in heavy rainfall these might start to leak a little from the corners.

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