3 Ways To Fix Coleman Catalytic Heater Wick

coleman catalytic heater wick fix
coleman catalytic heater wick fix

People require heaters to stay warm in cold climates. While most heaters need electricity to work, it can be really difficult for people traveling around in RVs to use them. This is why they use catalytic heaters. These require no electrical power from the user and will run on a little supply of propane gas. Additionally, you can easily get your propane gas-filled from the shop if it runs out. This allows the camper to easily stay comfortable while having access to a heater at all times.

Another good thing about these heaters is that they consumer propane gas at a substantially slower rate than most heaters. One of the most known companies manufacturing these is Coleman. However, recently Coleman users have been reporting that their catalytic heater wick is not working, this is why we will be providing you with some steps to fix this.

How To Fix Coleman Catalytic Heater Wick?

  1. Trim Off the Wick

If you are running into any problems with your catalytic heater then it most likely due to the wicks placed in them. While most people may think their heater is completely dead and needs to be replaced, you might be able to easily fix it by accessing the wick on your heater. To do so, open up the top of your heater. The procedure for this can vary from model to model however most of these can be opened up by twisting the top dome of your heater.

Additionally, you need to take out the small layer of white fiberglass along with the dome. You might think that this won’t come off and that it is fixed but that is not the case. These can easily be taken off by applying just a little force. Now, you should be able to take a look at the wick of your heater. Cut off the top of it that has become black, you can then pull out some additional wick to replace this trimmed-off piece. This should fix your problem.

  1. Replace the Wick

If your wick is completely burned off and you cannot trim it off any further without losing all of it then it needs to be replaced. Make sure that you purchase a wick that is suitable for the model of the heater you are using. You can easily replace this by taking out the solder wick and putting the new one in its place. Although one thing to keep in mind is that you don’t let a lot of wick hanging out.

  1. Clean the Dome

If you are still getting the same problem even after replacing your wick then your dome is most likely covered in dirt and chemicals. You need to completely clean it off in order to get your catalytic heater to start functionating.

All the chemicals on the dome of your device can be burnt off by putting oil on it and then lighting it up. This will burn off any oxide layers on it cleaning off your heater. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you use the fuel provided by Coleman. If you use any other fuel then it might end up damaging your heater instead.

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