3 Ways To Fix Coleman Catalytic Heater Wick

coleman catalytic heater wick fix
coleman catalytic heater wick fix

If you’re visiting any colder areas while traveling, you’ll surely need some type of heater to stay warm. Most heaters run on electricity, but if you’re travelling in an RV, this option isn’t really practical for you. That’s why most people use catalytic heaters in their RVs.

All these heaters need to work is a small amount of propane gas and no electrical power at all. And if you ever run out of propane, you can easily get it filled in most shops . These kinds of heaters will keep you warm and cozy without having to worry too much about it.

One more thing that is so great about the catalytic heaters is that the propane gas in them burns at a much slower rate than your typical heater, meaning that you’ll need less gas to keep your RV warm. A lot of people opt for Coleman catalytic heaters when buying one.

This brand is very well known in the camping community for their reliable and high-quality products. However, even with their products, you can still run into some issues along the way.

One of the more common issues users have been reporting is that the wick on their catalytic heater isn’t working. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to fix this.

Coleman Catalytic Heater Wick Fix

1. Cut The Wick

Cut The Wick

If you’re having any issues with your Coleman catalytic heater, the wick that’s inside of it is usually the culprit for this. Fortunately, this means your heater is probably not broken and you won’t have to replace it.

To get it back to working order, you’ll just have to fix the issues with your wick. In order to do that, you’ll need to access it first.

Since it is located on the inside of your heater, you will have to open the top of your heater. This is usually done by twisting the top part of it, but it all depends on the model of the catalytic heater you have.

Once you take the top part of your heater off, you’ll see a layer of fiberglass inside. You will have to take this out as well. It might seem like it’s fixed in and impossible to remove, but by using just a small amount of force, you’ll be able to take it out.

When you take the fiberglass out, you’ll be able to see the wick. If the top of your wick has turned black, you will need to cut it off. Now just pull out more wick from the heater to make sure it isn’t too short for the heater to work and you’re good to go. Finally, try using the heater again to check if this worked.

2. Replace The Wick

Replace The Wick

If you ran out of wick on your heater or it’s so burnt that it’s unsalvageable, you will need to replace it. Check online to see what wick is the correct fit for the model of the catalytic heater you have and buy it.

You can just type the name of your model along with wick on most online shopping sites and you will probably find a match in no time. Either that, or you can go to a shop and ask for whichever type of wick you need.

To replace it, all you need to do is take the solder wick out and replace it with the new one. Just make sure that there isn’t too much wick hanging out of your heater once you are done.

3. Clean The Top Part Of The Heater

Clean The Top Part Of The Heater

If you are running into the same issue even though you replaced the wick in your heater, then the next step would be to clean off the top part of your heater. The top part, or the dome, is probably covered in chemicals and dirt which is why your heater isn’t working.

To clean of the dome of your heater you will have to put fuel on it and light it on fire. This will get rid of chemicals and any oxide layers that might be on it. Just make sure to keep in mind that you shouldn’t use just any fuel to do this, or you risk damaging your device.

You can find the oil you need to use for this on the Coleman website or in their shops. It’s specifically designed for this, and it’s guaranteed that it won’t damage your heater. Once you have cleaned the dome of your heater, put it back in its place and the heater should start working again.

Hopefully, by using these methods you have managed to fix the issue yourself, but if you didn’t, you can always contact the Coleman support team. You can send them a message stating the problems with your device on their official website.

Sending a picture of your heater and mentioning the fixes you have tried so far can also be helpful in diagnosing the issue with your device. With any luck, they be able to fix whatever’s going on and you’ll be able to use your heater once again.

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