3 Best Cheap Camping Blankets Review 2022

cheap camping blankets
cheap camping blankets

People enjoy going camping, although during winters the temperature might drop below your comfort zone. Camping blankets are the best solution for this as they allow you to stay comfortable and extremely cozy at your camp without needing to rely on fire. Aside from this, these blankets are also perfect for someone going out to rivers or lakes for a picnic. They can enjoy board or card games while staying relaxed and happy. You can also keep these in your emergency kit,

In case the weather gets a little too cold at night or as a backup. Keeping all this in mind, people may wonder which blankets to buy when going out camping or a trip. This can get quite confusing as there is a huge lineup of blankets on the market for a user to purchase. Considering this, we will be using this article to tell you about some cheap camping blankets that you can take with you on your trips.

Best Cheap Camping Blankets Review

  1. Bessport Camping Blanket Warm & Lightweight

This amazing blanket made by Bessport is one of the best blankets a person can take with them. On top of being extremely light in weight, this blanket is also compact. Folding it out gives it a dimension of 79” x 57”, this is quite large for a blanket. Originally it was designed to fit 2 people comfortably but because of its large size, this blanket is capable of fitting up to even 4 persons at a time. Its lightweight allows this blanket to be carried easily.

The Bessport camping blanket provides excellent warmth and is really cozy. It comes with a 250gsm plush fleece which is really thick and one of the best insulators. This makes the blanket provide heat throughout its inside even when it is wet. It also regulates the temperature within the blanket giving the user body temperature warmth. Aside from this, the Bessport blanket comes in a versatile design, which allows for outdoor activity. This includes activities like going out to the beach, for a picnic, camping, or even to a festival.

These can be hand washed or even machine washed, making it really easy to keep clean. The lining material used in this blanket is designed to be free of odor, scratch resistant as well as soft. This makes it really durable and cozy. Another reason to purchase this blanket is that is started to be 100% scratch and water-resistant.

The polyester fabric in them is designed to prevent this blanket from getting wet or any moisture that might come its way. Lastly, this blanket comes in 3 colors and all of them look great. These colors include blue, red, and grey.

  1. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

The Arcturus military wool blanket is one of the best blankets a person can buy. This blanket is made from 80% wool and weighs around 4 to 4.5 pounds. The company has been able to improve its blanket quite a bit in the last few years. This was all done by listening to the user feedback and now the all-new blanket is capable of providing warmth at such a low price which seems unreal.

After undergoing drastic improvements, this blanket is now softer than before and is gone through triple wash during its production. This makes it really hygienic and less liable from shedding.

This perfect design makes the blanket look perfect anywhere you might place it. The hemmed stitching on all its sides paired with its loom-woven makes the blanket fit in at your home, your couch, or any other similar place. Arcturus ensures their users that they don’t use any flame-retardant chemicals on these sheets which makes them safe for children as well.

As it is a known fact that wool is naturally resistant to flame so this makes the blanket flame-resistant on its own. This blanket gives the dimension of 64” x 88” when folded out. This large size makes it easy to be used by 2 to 3 people and makes for a really comfortable environment while camping or doing any outdoor activity.

This blanket is also machine washable which it’s it really easy to wash. On usual blankets have to be washed by hand or the material in them gets destroyed. This can get quite tedious so a machine-washable blanket makes it really easy for users to wash them. These blankets come in quite unique colors which consist of military grey, navy blue, and olive green.

  1. Leisure Co Ultra-Portable Outdoor Camping Blanket

The Leisure Co ultra is an extremely portable camping blanket. It is great for trips, camping, and other similar activities. This super lightweight and the compact blanket is made from 100% polyester. This is why this blanket provides an extremely warm temperature throughout its inside keeping users comfortable.

The polyester in these blankets makes it resistant to water and also stops the wind from getting inside. Its design allows the user to wear it on their entire body like a poncho. This can be done by buttoning it up and takes out the tension of your blanket falling off.

These show that this blanket is quite good for mobility and warmth. On top of all these, it’s quite durable and is also washable by machine. This makes it easy to keep clean and spot-free. Additionally, this quilt can also be used as an alternative to sleeping bags. It weighs around only 1.4 pounds and folds out to 4” x 6”. After compressing up this blanket it gives the dimension of 13.5” x 6” x 6”.

The polyester hollow fiber built also makes this a really good insulator and allows the blanket to stay warm uniformly. Lastly, this blanket comes in solid uniform colors. These include the Teal and Greige or the navy blue and red version.

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