5 Alternatives To Camping Without Air Mattress

camping without air mattress
camping without air mattress

When going out on trips, one of the most common things people bring with them is no doubt an air mattress. These are extremely easy to use and cheap because they just need the user to inflate air in them through a pump. On top of this, they also provide a lot of comfort to people as they can rest easily on them.

Even though the air mattress is a great piece of equipment to bring with oneself on to their trips, there is also a list of drawbacks to using these. Recently people have been finding this and are looking out to use alternatives to air mattresses. Some campers who have been using these beds from the start might feel a little weird when it comes to switching these.

Although these alternatives are really worth it and we will be using this article to show you and talk about how camping without an air mattress is possible.

Camping Without Air Mattress

Why Would You Feel the Need to Find an Alternative?

The question might arise why someone would want to switch out air mattresses and camp without them. The simple and most common answer for this is that it is quite a lot of hassle to deal with punctures. Imagine you are laying down at night and something scratching your air bed deflates it. You will have to use a repair kit at night to fix it, while your sleep gets disturbed.

Even though there are a number of air mattresses that come with resistance to punctures. They can go dramatically high in the weight, price, and size range. This is why you should be looking out for alternatives to the air mattress. According to recent reports from various campers, only up to 13% of people have started to consider an air mattress to be essential for their camping trip.

Alternatives to Air Mattresses

There are quite a number of replacements for air beds. Campers usually prefer to keep their items low in weight so they can move freely without having to worry about lifting a lot of weight. Another thing to be noted is that the space they have is really limited. In case a camper forgets to bring an air pump with them, they will have no way to blow up their air mattress.

Considering the fact that blowing up an air bed manually is next to impossible and even if you do inflate it. It will take quite a lot of time and energy. This is why the recommendations given as alternatives are extremely light in weight, do not take up much space and don’t make campers have to worry about this stuff.

  • Futon Mattress
  • Camping Cots
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Self-inflating Sleeping Pads
  • Hammocks

Bottom Line

These alternatives can prove to be quite useful for camping and some of them might even prove to be a perfect solution for you. Some of these might even take less space than your average air mattress while also providing you with comfort and ease of use.

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