3 Most Common B&W Biker Bar Problems

b&w biker bar problems
b&w biker bar problems

Driving around a bike can be quite fun. Although, if you are someone who enjoys going out on trips then you will most likely have a larger vehicle with you as well.

Most people who own both of these will want to take their bikes with them on their trips. But one problem that they run into is trying to load the vehicle on their truck or trailer.

This can be quite annoying as driving above the hitch can damage the bottom of your bike. On the other hand, lifting the motorcycle is not the best option because of how heavy these are.

Considering this, you can install the B&W biker bar on your vehicle instead that takes out all of these issues. While these are extremely easy to use, there are also a few issues that you might run into with them.

This is why we will be using this article to list some common problems that can be found on a B&W biker bar along with its fixes.

B&W Biker Bar Problems

  1. Installation Problems

When you first purchase the biker bar from B&W, you might be confused about how these can be installed. The process is quite easy but you will have some trouble the first time.

Though, you should note that once you understand how the biker bar can be installed, it will be much easier for you to take it off and install it again whenever required.

The main thing that you have to look out for is that you install the bar properly. This is because not putting it up in the right spot can give you problems instead.

Sometimes the bar might touch the floor while you are trying to drive. Alternatively, it might start exerting too much stress on the frame of your bike which can damage it or even break it in cases.

Considering this, make sure that you follow the manual provided along with the product and go through each of the steps mentioned. Following these will ensure that you do not have any issues and the bar is installed in the right spot.

There are even video guides given online to help users out although if you are still hesitant. Then you can contact the company directly or visit a dealer who sells these bars. They will help you in understanding how the equipment can be installed.

As mentioned above, once you get the hang of it, the process should not be of much trouble to you. Considering how many benefits the device comes with, it is worth going through these steps in ensuring there are no issues.

  1. Device Comes Loose When Kicking Stand

Another problem that many people have reported getting with their B&W biker bar is that the equipment comes loose when they kick the stand. This can be quite annoying as the entire device can come off while you were trying to park your bike.

Although, this issue mostly happens because of the position of the brackets used in this device. These are used to take off the device but they are usually installed near the kickstand.

Considering this, whenever you try to kick your stand, the brackets can get hit as well causing the device to come loose. One easy way to avoid this is to ensure that you carefully kick your stand up and down without hitting the bracket.

Although, trying to keep a check over this can be quite annoying. This is why one better solution is that you move the position of the brackets instead. These will not be the same as what the manual suggests but at least you will not keep on hitting the brackets accidentally.

  1. Biker Bar Getting Damaged

The B&W biker bar is most durable and should not get damaged easily. Although, if you do notice that it has become faulty or some parts on it have broken. Then you should contact B&W directly. They have a support team that will ask you some questions regarding your issue.

After this, they should be able to provide you with a replacement as this is covered in their warranty service. Although, it is highly unlikely that you will run into any issues with the device as long as it is used carefully and cleaned regularly.

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