3 Most Common B&W Biker Bar Problems

b&w biker bar problems
b&w biker bar problems

You can have a lot of fun riding a bike. It is very likely that if you are one of those people who go on trips often, you will also have a large vehicle.

When your enthusiasts plan a trip, they will most likely take their bikes with them. Yet there is one issue that they encounter when trying to load the vehicle onto their trailer or truck.

You may find this quite irritating since riding above the hitch can damage the bottom of your bicycle. Due to the heavyweight of the motorcycle, lifting it is not the best option either. If you want to avoid all of these issues, you can install the B&W biker bar on your vehicle.

The Biker Bar is an innovative concept that provides you with a wonderful, fast, and very simple way of loading your bike onto a truck for transportation. The B&W biker bar minimizes the fears that a biker has after loading their bike. They can stop worrying about their bike crashing in the middle of the road after becoming loose.

The biker bar is designed in such a way that it minimizes the hassle and overall problem as it doesn’t use straps that are attached to several tie points. They are attached to the cruiser’s frame with the help of two clamps that hold and grip the two tubes of the frame.

It is ensured that the bike is firmly locked onto the framework of the truck with the help of a twisting grip present on the biker bar. The bike is also prevented from scratches with the help of neoprene pads that cushion the moveable clamping system.

You might experience some issues with these even though they are incredibly easy to use. The purpose of this article is to list some common issues that can occur at a B&W biker bar, as well as how they can be fixed.

B&W Biker Bar Problems

1. Installation Problems

You may be confused about how to install the B&W biker bars when you first buy them. However, the installation is actually quite straightforward. Although once you learn how to install the biker bar, you will find that it is much easier to take it off and reinstall it when necessary.

Installing the bar properly is the most important thing you need to watch out for. It can actually lead to problems if you don’t place it in the right place. You may reach the floor when driving if you don’t put the bar up in the right place. You might also damage the frame of your bike if you exercise too much pressure on the frame, causing it to bend or even break.

Make sure to go through each of the steps described in the manual that comes with the product. You should follow these steps to ensure the bar is installed in the right place and that there are no issues. If you are still hesitant, there are even online video guides that can assist you. If you’re interested in purchasing these bars, you can contact the company directly or visit a dealer. The dealer can give you guidance in installing the equipment.

After you get the hang of it, you shouldn’t have much trouble completing the process. Because of the range of benefits the device provides, it is worthwhile ensuring that no issues occur by following these steps.

2. Device Comes Loose When Kicking Stand

Device Comes Loose When Kicking Stand

The equipment that comes loose when you kick the biker bar stand is another problem reported by many B&W biker bar owners. While trying to park your bike, the whole device can come off, which can be quite annoying.

It happens due to the brackets used in this device; however, the issue mostly occurs due to their position. The kickstand is usually located near these access points that enable the device to be removed.

As a consequence, if you kick your stand you can also knock the brackets, which causes the device to come loose. Avoiding this by careful up-and-down kicking of your stand without hitting the bracket is one way to avoid this issue.

While keeping an eye on all of this can be quite tedious. This is why moving the brackets would be a better option. The brackets will not be identical to those suggested in the manual, but at least you will not keep on hitting them accidentally.

3. Biker Bar Getting Damaged

Biker Bar Getting Damaged

It is made from extremely durable materials and should last a very long time. You may need to replace it if it begins to malfunction or some parts on it start to break. Be sure to contact B&W as soon as possible. An employee from their support team will ask you a few questions about the issue.

The manufacturer should then be able to offer you a replacement, as this is covered under the warranty. However, as long as the device is used carefully and cleaned regularly, it is highly unlikely to encounter any problems.

How Does The B&W Biker Bar Work?

The working principle and installation of the B&W biker bar are very simple. The biker bar when clamped onto the bike, the next process is to load the bike onto the back of the truck.

The alignment of receiver clamps present on the framework of the transporting vehicle should be monitored and tightened carefully because this will determine the balance of the bike. The locking system and grip of the B&W biker bar are very reliable and strong and there are no chances for your bike to loosen up even when strong stress is applied.

Once you have found the right fly points around your bike, the remaining procedure of attaching the biker bar will take just one or two minutes. These points can be found easily without any difficulty. You have to make sure that the straps of the biker bar don’t rub against the bike because they can produce deep scratches on the surface of the bike.

B&W biker bars don’t put needless stress onto the suspensions of the bike which makes them an even better choice. The suspensions will get as much tension as they can easily bear to keep the bike stable on the trailer.

Another prominent feature in the installation of the Biker Bar is that they can be detached as easily as they are attached. Their attachment system is very fast and easy to handle. This allows drivers to free up space by removing the biker bar attached to the surface of the truck to carry out other tasks.

The B&W biker bar has six quarter-inch increments that are compatible with a lot of bikes of different heights and sizes. This is also an additional feature of the biker bar along with its adjustable clamps.

You can also order a customized biker bar for your bike. The cost of these custom bars varies as there are different types of biker bars available in the market. The basic and standard biker bar is compatible with most famous bike series such as Harley-Davidson and other similar big bikes.

How To Install Clamps Of The B&W Biker Bar

It is very simple but technical work to install clamps of the B&W biker bar onto the bike and framework of the truck. Sometimes brake lines of a few models of the bike have to be modified to adjust the biker bar. This can help you avoid the brake lines and the biker bar rubbing against each and producing scratches.

Clamps of the biker bar should be installed with proper alignment so that your bike can stay intact and balanced. Make sure you tighten the clamps powerfully enough to keep the bike stable. If the clamps are loose then there are chances of the bike becoming unstable and crashing. You must square the clamps on the frame. You can use a marker to mark the places where to put the clamps. This will make the alignment easy.

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