Natural Bear Repellent – 3 Options To Keep In Mind

natural bear repellent
natural bear repellent

Most people get bored during their vacations if they have nothing to do. You will notice that most of these users plan camping trips to keep themselves entertained. These trips can be amazing as you get to have fun with your friends and family while also exploring new areas. Although, there are also tons of things that you need to be aware of. This includes having proper luggage with you.

Additionally, understanding what problems you can run into and how these can be avoided. One of the most common issues that you will notice people talking about is running into wildlife. While you can get rid of most animals easily, having a bear near your camp can be quite dangerous. Considering this, we will be using this article to provide you with a list of best natural repellent options that can be used for a bear. These should help you in scaring off the bear so that you can continue enjoying your trip.

Best Things You Can Use As Natural Bear Repellent

1. Be Assertive

The first thing that you will hear from people is how dangerous bears can be. Though, you have to keep in mind that there are different types of bears. Usually, most of these are not as dangerous as you might think. Considering this, there is a high chance that you can simply scare off the animal by being a little assertive.

While it is always better that you carry a bear repellent spray with you. Some people might forget to bring it with them. Keeping this in mind, if you ever have an encounter with a bear then make sure that you do not show it any fear. This can encourage the animal into attacking you instead of running away. Make sure that you maintain a distance and make eye contact with the bear.

Hold up your arms so that you look bigger. Now make some noise by clapping or stamping your feet so that the bear runs away. The animal must have a clear way that it can escape. This is why you will have to ensure that you do not corner the bear instead of trying to scare it off.

2. Using Whistles or Cans

Aside from making noise yourself, the user can also access other items instead. This includes using a whistle or filling up a can with small pebbles. Making loud noises will scare off the bear from your camp in most cases. Considering this, you must keep these items with you at all times.

You can also throw stuff like small beach balls at the bear to scare it. Although, make sure that you do not hit its face as this can anger the animal instead. If you have a dog with you then it will start barking at the bear on its own.

This also scares off the animal but you must keep your pet on a leash. Letting it chase the bear can result in damages and dangerous situations. Aside from this, using a flashlight or fire can also help in scaring the bear. You can point these towards the animal until it starts walking backward.

3. Cider Vinegar or Ammonia

In case you have ammonia or cider vinegar with you then these can also help in repelling bears. These have a strong smell that these animals dislike. Considering this, you can soak a towel or cloth in vinegar and hang it outside your camp. This will help in preventing bears from coming near you. Keep in mind that it is quite rare for these animals to attack a camper.

Additionally, instead of looking for methods to scare them off, you should manage attractants instead. This will help you in ensuring that no bear comes near your camp. The list includes looking out for stuff that you will have to store properly. Any stuff that will attract wildlife or bears should be kept in a secure spot.

If you have gone through all of these steps then it will be quite rare for you to run into any animals. However, if you still do then you can follow the information provided above to help you out. These should allow you to scare off the wild animal. Although, keep in mind that these are not guaranteed methods and you should still consult a professional before trying them out.

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