3 Common Blue Ox Sway Pro Problems (Troubleshooting)

blue ox sway pro problems
blue ox sway pro problems

People who drive large vehicles know how annoying swaying can be. Sometimes the problem can be so extreme that users have to keep both of their hands on the steering wheel.

This is even when driving on a straight road. Aside from this, swaying can also be quite dangerous. If the users are unable to keep their vehicle in control then it has a chance of crashing.

Considering this, Blue Ox has come up with a device that can reduce or finish any sway from your vehicle. This can be quite helpful because drivers can stay comfortable and relaxed while driving their trucks or RVs.

Aside from this, it is also extremely simple to set up.  Although, some Blue Ox Sway Pro users might run into some common problems. These can be annoying to deal with but this article should help you out in getting rid of them.

Blue Ox Sway Pro Problems

  1. Distribute Weight Equally

While driving your vehicle even with the Blue Ox Sway Pro installed, you might sometimes notice that the vehicle is still swaying around.

Some users have even reported that the trailers they have attached move around even when hit with the slightest winds. This usually happens when you don’t distribute the weight in your trailer equally.

To make sure that you do this correctly, check the website for Blue Ox. They mention how much weight you have to distribute in the bars and load on your trailer to remove swaying problems on it.

You should also take into consideration the weight of luggage you are putting up on your vehicle. If the weight of your trailer or bars don’t match up then the vehicle will start to sway.

The best recommendation to weigh your trailer is by taking it to a workshop nearby you. Make sure that you load it with the required luggage beforehand.

This will help you in finding the best possible weight to use while putting on the rods. Lastly, some mechanics are also familiar with this product, so you can even ask them to help you out.

  1. Tire Pressure

Another common reason for vehicles to sway around even after installing this product is that the pressure in your tires is too much or too low. Both of these can end up causing trouble for the users.

The product usually comes with a manual that describes how much air pressure you need to set up on your tires. The guide is detailed and tells the users about different types of vehicles. Make sure that you match the model of your vehicle when checking this.

Afterward, take your vehicle to an air pump nearby and set the PSI ratings according to these values. While you are there, it is also important to get the alignment of your vehicle checked.

If there is any variation in them then the mechanic should be able to align your tires back to a neutral state. This way you will be ensured that both your truck and trailer can stay stable while you are out driving on your trip.

Lastly, it is important to note that the front wheels of your vehicle should have a lower rated PSI than the back ones.

  1. Vehicle Still Swaying

If you have tried the steps mentioned below and you are still noticing that your trailer is swaying. Then this usually indicates that either the device is faulty. Alternatively, you have not set it up correctly.

For both of these cases, it can be dangerous to ignore the problem. This is because the device might come off while you are driving it. It is recommended that you contact the company directly and ask them for help.

Remember to give them detailed information about your problem so that they can provide a suitable solution for you.

Most users can even ask for dealers nearby and take their vehicles to them. If there was a problem in installation then they should be able to take off the product and install it again for you.

However, if the device is faulty then you will have to get a replacement from the company. This can take some time depending on your location. Although, you should wait patiently because driving around with a faulty Blue Ox Sway Pro can be dangerous.

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