Blue Ox Sway Pro: How Many Links Needed? (Guide)

blue ox sway pro how many links
blue ox sway pro how many links

Most people decide to go out on camping trips when they get their vacations. While some users take their family or friends with them. Some people go alone and stay for several weeks.

Considering this, it can be important that you bring a lot of equipment with you. This will both help you in surviving and ensuring that you have a good time. Although, this is where the problem of storing all your luggage comes in.

One option is that you purchase a large RV or motorhome. But these can be quite expensive and users who already own a large vehicle might not want these. This is why you can purchase trailers and campers instead.

These give you the same amount of storage and features. However, the main difference is that these trailers have to be towed down with your vehicle.

Blue Ox Sway Pro

When it comes to using trailers or campers with your vehicles, you have to note that these need to be towed down using a hitch system. While there are tons of companies that manufacture these.

You should still check for recommendations online before selecting a model. This is important because the hitch system will be what holds on to all the weight from your trailer. Using a cheap hitch has a chance to break down while you are driving and even damage the frame on your vehicle.

Aside from this, the overall performance of your vehicle also depends on what type of tow bar you are using. This is why one of the best models that you can go for is the Blue Ox Sway Pro.

This lets you connect your trailer to your vehicle while also reducing the overall sway on it. This means that you can have a stable driving experience even when carrying a lot of loads. This is done by the automatic weight distribution technology used by Blue Ox in their Sway Pro bar.

How Many Links To Use in Blue Ox Sway Pro

The links between a sway bar are what connect one end of the equipment to the suspension component. Considering this, adding in more links will allow you to distribute the weight even better.

Although, when it comes to installing the Blue Ox Sway Pro, people question how many links should be used. The short answer for this is that there is no specific number of links required. You can use as many as you like but adding too many can also be dangerous just like using too few.

This is why you can use the manual provided by Blue Ox and then use it as a reference. You will also have to get your vehicle weighed before deciding on how many links need to be used. Mostly, even for the heaviest trailers load, using 9 links is more than enough.

Going above this is not recommended. But you can also try testing around these and see which configuration works best for you. Luckily, the Blue Ox Sway Pro is quite easy to use which is why you should not have much trouble with it.

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