3 Common Atwood G6A-8E Problems (Troubleshooting)

atwood g6a-8e troubleshooting
atwood g6a-8e troubleshooting

If you enjoy going out on trips then you most likely own an RV or motorhome. These vehicles provide you with a place to sleep in and you can even cook for yourself in them. This makes them act like you are traveling in your own home.

Some companies even provide their users with a bunch more equipment that is pre-installed in these vehicles. All of these help out people in having a comfortable experience and stay worry-free.

Considering this, one of the most important things that you should have in your RV is a water heater. If these are not already installed then you can even purchase one for yourself.

Some of these devices made by Atwood are a great choice though, you can still get some problems with them. We will be using this article to provide you with a list of troubleshooting steps for an Atwood G6A-8E water heater so that you can prevent most problems with it.

Atwood G6A-8E Troubleshooting

  1. Check Connections

If your water heater is giving you problems and is not working fine. Then the first thing that you should check is the connections on it.

Before getting into anything technical, you can try taking off the connections on your device and then plug them back in tightly. This will ensure that none of these had come loose. You can then plug your heater into another outlet.

If it is now working fine then there is most likely an issue with the socket you were using before. Take a voltmeter to check the current ratings on the outlet. If there is no current coming on it then you will have to replace the fuse in it.

This can be done easily and fuses are available in most electrical shops. Make sure that the product you select has the same rating as the one you were using before.  Aside from this, you should also ensure that the battery in your vehicle does not have any problems.

Usually, these require you to fill in water in them and keep them clean. Small layers of oxide can form on them which need to be cleaned off using warm water. As for the water, you should always make sure that it is filled up.

Many people suggest that you use water with a lot of electrolytes in it and that should last your battery a long time. But that is not the case and you should be good even with mineral water.

  1. Clean Off Water Heater

The Atwood G6A-8E requires people to clean it regularly. This helps the water heater to work in its best condition and should even prevent most problems from happening. Considering this, if you have been running into problems with your heater and you have not cleaned it for some time.

Then this is most likely the reason for your issues. The process for servicing your water heater can be complicated for people who have never done this before. But Atwood provides their users with a manual that can be consulted.

This will help you in removing most parts and then cleaning them off. If you are still unsure then an even better option is to check a guide online.

You can follow the steps mentioned along with the video to help you in cleaning off all the parts. Some small holes near the sensors are impossible to clean off with your hands. So, you will have to use small pins to clean these off.

Although, it is important to note that these sensors are very sensitive and can get damaged easily. This is why make sure that you do not apply too much force.

  1. Reset Water Heater

Sometimes users can run into errors on the display of their water heater. Most of these happen due to problems with the configuration files. This is why you can easily get rid of them by giving your water heater a simple reset. There is a small rubber pad in the middle of your device that you can easily take off.

You will notice that there is a push button on it labeled as reset. This should remove all the changes you had made to the system and bring your device back to its factory default state. The process will also fix most configuration problems with it as well.

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  1. We have just bought this 2002 Thor Motorhome with the Atwood G6A-8E hot water heater in it – started it up/burns hots/turns off when heated up but water not hot enough/Luke warm. How do we set temperature higher – no thermostat control? Or needing parts?


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