3 Simple Fixes For Airxcel 48000 Series Not Cooling Problem

airxcel 48000 series not cooling
airxcel 48000 series not cooling

Most camping enthusiasts own motorhomes and RVs. These large vehicles come with numerous features that help people in having a fun time on their camping trips. Although, you should note that most of these services depend on what company you bought your vehicle from. This is why you must go through the specifications of a vehicle before selecting it. Aside from this, another thing that you should understand is that most dealers will provide you with choices when getting your motorhome.

You can usually select what electrical appliances are installed in your vehicle and what brands these are from. With that being said, one of the most famous air conditioner units that people get is from Airxcel. The Airxcel 48000 Series is one of the best devices but users have also reported that it is not cooling. Considering this, if you are also getting this issue then going through this article should help you in fixing your problem.

Solutions for the Airxcel 48000 Series Not Cooling

1. Check Thermostat

Switching on your air conditioner and finding out that it is not cooling can be quite frustrating. Although, before getting into technical fixes, you must check the thermostat for your device. Sometimes people accidentally change the settings on these which can cause issues like this.

Simply setting up the temperature settings on your thermostat again should help you in getting rid of the problem. Make sure that you have a low-temperature set and the fan speed is not zero. Additionally, look out for what mode the AC is running on. If you are having any trouble with these configurations then consult the manual provided along your device to help you out.

2. Check Condenser Unit

If you are still getting the same issue then there is a chance that the condenser unit on your AC is covered with dust. This is quite common and these devices have to be cleaned frequently. Simply switch off your Airxcel 48000 series to avoid getting electrocuted.

You can then access the condenser unit and remove all the dust from it. Make sure that you use a blower or vacuum to help you out. Once all the dust has been removed and the condenser coil is opened, the problem you were getting should now be gone. Switching on the device again should now allow you to start using it without any issues.

3. Faulty AC Unit

There are tons of things that can prevent your AC from cooling. These include the gas in it leaking out or some parts on your device being damaged. Whatever the case might be, trying to pin down the exact issue takes a lot of time. You can try using the manual provided with your Airxcel 48000 series device to help you out.

Although, a better solution is that you contact the support team for this brand. They will help you in pointing down the exact reason for your issue is. Additionally, they should even provide you with solutions that can be used. If some part is damaged then the company will send you replacement parts that can be installed to fix your issue.

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