3 Common AeroBed Deflate Problems (Troubleshooting)

aerobed deflate problems
aerobed deflate problems

Most camping enthusiasts already know that it is extremely essential for people to bring the right equipment with them on their trips. This helps them in staying comfortable at all times and enjoy their trip. This includes taking tents with you to have a place available to rest in and bringing blankets. Having a good blanket can help you survive in the coldest climates.

Additionally, one of the important things is having a place to sleep. One of the most used equipments for this is an airbed. These are extremely light to carry around and will not even take much space in your storage. Lastly, they can even be set up easily without much problem. While most campers love using airbeds, you might get a deflate problem while using a mattress from AeroBed. This is quite a common problem and here are some ways you can fix this.

AeroBed Deflate Problems

  1. Mattress Deflating Overnight

One thing to keep in mind when using an air mattress is that it will start to deflate overnight. There is no need to worry about this because this is a part of their design. Most air mattresses will start to leak out some air when pressure is put onto them. Additionally, if you are laying down on one then it will get a little warm from your body temperature. This also contributes to the mattress deflating slowly over time. This is because all air mattresses are somewhat loose and none of them are completely airtight.

The mattress always needs some space to breathe and move around the air in them. There are a number of factors that affect the rate at which your mattress will lose its air. These include your body weight as well as the model that you are using. While some mattresses from AeroBed lose their air slowly, the same cannot be said for the others. Another thing to note is that if you are in a colder climate then your mattress will deflate at a faster rate. Keeping this in mind, if your mattress’s air lasts you the complete night then there is absolutely no problem with it and it is working as intended.

  1. Observe the Opening

If you have noticed that your mattress is deflating at a faster rate than before then you should start to observe it. If this is not happening simply because of the temperature or the load on it then there might be some problem with your air mattress. One of the most common problems that people get is that the air from the opening of your equipment is leaking. This can be confirmed by observing the nozzle where you blow in the air.

If you do not notice any excess air leaking from there then you should put your hand on that spot to confirm this. If there is indeed air leaking from that pot then this means that your nozzle has started to come loose. This is quite a common problem and these start to lose their firmness over time. The only way to fix this is by using tape to cover the nozzle up and tighten it. This will help your air mattress from leaking any more excess air. However, one thing to note is that you should block your mattress from leaking air completely. This will end up bursting your bed instead.

  1. Fold It Carefully

You should fold down your air mattress carefully after you are done using it. This is because these can start to develop tiny holes in them if not folded down correctly. These are so small that you cannot even detect them from your eyes. The only way to prevent this is carefully folding your mattress and aligning down it perfectly. By making a habit of packing up your air mattress with care, it will ensure that these last you a long time without running into any problems.

Although, most air mattresses will start to leak lots of air with time. The only way to keep them in use is to purchase an automatic pump for them. This will keep your AeroBed matters filled with air at all times. Even if a little air ends up leaking, the pump will fill your mattress back up.

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  1. Our aero bed which has been used about 6 times deflate almost completely overnight but appears to stay inflated for several days if no-one is sleeping on it. There is no obvious hole or leakage – could it be the pump or valve.


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