3 Ways To Fix 6.7 Cummins Fan Clutch Not Working

6.7 cummins fan clutch not working
6.7 cummins fan clutch not working

The basic function of this fan clutch is to help cool down the engine when there is excessive load on the engine. Most of the time it won’t be engaged if your engine temperature is within the pre-determined limits.

Similarly, the fan will disengage when the engine of your vehicle cools down a bit. However, if you live in a hot region then having a functioning fan clutch will improve the efficiency of your engine.

A lot of people have recently been complaining about the fan clutch not working on their 6.7 Cummins engine. If you’re stuck in the same error then here is what you should do.

How to Fix 6.7 Cummins Fan Clutch Not Working?

  1. Check Temperature Sensor

As mentioned, the fan clutch is engaged when the engine heats up beyond the specified limit. The fan won’t start spinning unless the temperature sensor records high engine temperature. So, if you’re having trouble with getting the fan clutch to engage then it is probable that the temperature sensor is not working properly.

Even though there are some other reasons why you might run into this problem. You should always start by checking the temperature sensors. They are not that expensive and you can replace them easily.

If you can’t find the temperature sensor yourself then seek help from an experienced friend or take the vehicle to a workshop. After installing the new temperature sensor, your fan clutch should start working again.

  1. Fix Damaged Wires 

After the fan receives signals from the sensor, it relies on power from the engine to spin. However, it is not rare for the wires connected to the fan clutch to get damaged.

You will need to access the fan clutch to inspect the wires connected to it. It might be somewhat difficult to access the wires without proper tools.

So, you will either have to rent some tools or take the vehicle to a workshop and ask a mechanic to take a look at your fan clutch.

It won’t cost you that much to replace the damaged wires and your fan clutch will start working again as long as it is getting signals from the temperature sensor and the circuit.

  1. Check Motor

If you have had the fan clutch for a long time then it is probable that the motor has gone bad. If that is the case then you will have to replace the entire fan clutch to fix this problem.

Even if your wires and sensors are working properly, the fan clutch won’t work if the motor has gone bad. You can’t fix the fan motor at home and it is more time-efficient to buy a fan clutch replacement and install it in your engine.

If you have never done this before then you should just call a mechanic. He will point you in the right direction and you won’t have to waste your time guessing exactly what is wrong with your fan clutch.

A mechanic might be an expensive alternative but at least you won’t have to waste several hours fixing the fan clutch yourself.

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