360 Siphon vs Cyclone: What’s The Difference?

360 siphon vs cyclone
360 siphon vs cyclone

If you own an RV then some equipment is almost necessary to have. These help the users in staying relaxed during their trips. One of these is having a sewer vent cap. These devices are installed above the tank in your vehicle.

Which then blocks any air from exiting the device. The overall process for how these works and how you can put them on your RV are different from each other.

These usually depend on the company that you decide to purchase them from. However, this is exactly why you should consider selecting a reliable brand for your sewer vents.

Two of the best options that you go for are Siphon 360 and Cyclone. You might be confused about selecting between these two. This is exactly why we will be using this article to provide you with a comparison.

360 Siphon vs Cyclone

360 Siphon

The 360 Siphon is an amazing piece of equipment that you can use on your RV. It starts to pull out all the gases that are being held in your vehicle’s tank along with the odor right after you install it.

The procedure for this equipment is that it uses a fan that spins rapidly at 360 degrees. The air pressure generated by it will then suck out all the air from the tank and release it from your vehicle. This way there is no accumulation of odor being stored in the black tanks.

If you compare the device with other sewer caps. Then you should note that a usual device takes up to two days or more to expel the bad odor from your RV. Aside from this, there are lots of other benefits that you can get from this device.

One of the most important being that you do not have to worry about the cap being compatible with your vehicle. The 360 Siphon comes with lots of holes punched into it by the company.

This ensures that you can easily install it on most vehicles. The installation procedure is also quite simple and requires users to put in a few screws that you will find with the product.

The company also suggests their users apply a layer of any good quality waterproof sealant before installing the product. This ensures that the 360 Siphon will be tightly screwed in and no water will enter the caps during heavy rainfall. Using the sealant will even allow you to install it on pipes that might prove to be a little loose.

Although, one downside that this product has is that there is resistance to UV rays on it. This means that the cap will start to get damaged when placed directly under sunlight.

Though, you should keep in mind that your vehicles are rarely under sunlight, so if you keep them parked in a safe spot then this problem could be avoided.

Camco Cyclone

The Camco Cyclone is another great sewer cap for your vehicle. The overall process for it is also quite similar to the 360 Siphon. While the Siphon generates pressure through a fan, the Cyclone on the other hand uses natural air pressure to keep the bad odor away from your vehicle.

One of the best things about using Camco’s Cyclone on your vehicle is that the product requires no process for installation. The only requirement for users is to have a sealant with them.

They can then apply a layer of it to their vehicle and put the cap on it. Make sure that you wait for some time to ensure that the seal has become solid again before you drive your vehicle.

The company also gives its users an option to detach the product from its base. This allows you to take off the equipment for cleaning without having to remove the sealant. You can then easily clip it back onto its base when you are done. Another great thing about this product is the coating of resin on it.

This is specially made to block UV rays coming from the sun. This means that your Cyclone will not get damaged or cracked from direct sunlight and should last you a long time.

The only downside to using this product is that it might come off quite easily. You can prevent this by using a good quality sealant that is also waterproof.

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  1. When gentle breeze is constant in one direction the cyclone will not spin, my stationary trailer has this problem. I just installed it so we will see if gases can be removed with it but I’m not over confident. Perhaps the Siphon would be better for stationary trailers?


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