1076 vs 1157 Bulb: What’s The Difference?

1076 vs 1157 bulb
1076 vs 1157 bulb

If you enjoy driving around at night or going out on trips that require you to drive in the dark. For both of these, you will have to be prepared beforehand. This will help you in driving worry-free and prevent most problems.

While being active and well-rested is essential for this, you should note that having good bulbs is also necessary. This is because the headlights on your vehicle use small LED bulbs that illuminate the road for you.

These help you in getting a better view to avoid any issues. Aside from this, if you own a motorhome or RV then you will also need bulbs to light up the vehicle.

There are many things that you need to consider before selecting what light bulb will be best for you. We will be using this article to discuss the 1076 and 1157 light bulb. Which should help you in choosing one over the other.

1076 vs 1157 Bulb

1076 Light Bulb

The 1076 light bulb is also usually known by the name BA15D. This is because these light bulbs connect to the socket using two different sockets or prongs. These are parallel to each other and are put exactly 180 degrees apart from each other.

One of these prongs is negative while to other one is positive. This means that you will have to precisely line up these connectors when trying to install the bulb.

While the procedure to put them on your vehicle might be a little complicated, what makes them great is the amount of power they can output.

The 1076 light bulbs are specifically designed to provide their users with lots of light. These can easily illuminate the entire road for you even when driving under fog. This makes the driving experience comfortable for the users.

However, on the other hand, if you decide to install them in your vehicle then there are some things that you will have to look out for.

1076 produces the high light because of the current these devices require. This also makes them heat up easily. If you are only going to switch on your lights for a few minutes then this should be almost ignorable.

Although this is not the case, most people switch on the lights in their recreational vehicles for long durations.

The heat produced by these light bulbs will start to melt down any plastic that is near them and you might even start to feel the warmth. Another disadvantage of using them is the power they require.

Recreational vehicles have a limited amount of energy which can easily die out. This is why you have to think about the electrical appliances you keep switched on in them. When using these lights, the batteries on your vehicle will start to die out much faster than expected.

1157 Light Bulb

The 1157 light bulbs are quite similar to the prior equipment. The name given to them is BAY15D which makes it easier to distinguish between them.

The 1157 model was a much newer one released after the 1076 and has made quite a several improvements. Even though that is the case there are still some advantages that the users can get from the other bulbs which are not possible on these.

The first difference that you will notice on the bulbs is their prongs. The 1157 model also uses two different prongs on them although, you no longer have to look out for the positive or negative one.

These are much easier to install. You can easily distinguish these bulbs from 1076 by taking a look at the position of the prongs.

These connectors on the 1157 models are installed uniquely that while they are parallel to each other. One of them will be higher than the other.

This makes the bulbs look the same when viewed from the bottom. But you can easily distinguish them by taking a look at them from the sides.

The 1157 bulbs output much lower heat values than the prior models and are quite cheap. This makes them perfect for indoor use. However, if you want to use these light bulbs as your headlights then 1076 will be much better for you.

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