Zoom F8 vs F8n: What’s The Difference?

zoom f8 vs f8n
zoom f8 vs f8n

Camping is indeed a great experience, but people would like to record these memories to the best and then relive them when they need to. That makes these cameras the best thing to have and a camera has been somewhat one of the most important gear that any camper would like to pack for their trips.

Cameras are pretty great, but some people are beyond ordinary and they don’t get satisfied easily. For those who prefer to have a much deeper experience than the visuals, sound recorders are the perfect thing to have.

Zoom F8 vs F8n

People would like to record the sounds of wind rustling through the trees and grass. The birds chirping, water flowing around, and whatnot. All the best experiences that you can possibly imagine are there and you will need to have the best equipment to have them recorded.

The Zoom Multichannel recorders are the best thing you can have for this purpose and that would make your experience a whole lot better. If you are a true enthusiast for the sounds and want to record them to the best possible experience that will be closest to reality, then you should definitely consider zoom recorders.

There are two most popular models out there that are zoom f8 and f8n. If you are confused between them, here is a brief comparison that will help you decide better.

Zoom F8

Zoom F8 is the right multi-channel recorder with 8-input/10-track recording options. There are multiple option settings that would make it just the perfect choice for you to have and you will get the best possible experience on your camping trips.

You can record different animals as there are frequency settings that allow you to capture the sounds of different animals, birds, insects, and whatnot. You can think of all the creative applications that you might need or want to use the Zoom F8 for.

The sturdy design is made perfectly for the outdoor recordings and you will never have to worry about normal falls or shocks on this one. It supports the right 28-bit/192KHz audio that allows you to capture the highest quality audio without getting any sort of issues like distortion or noise on the recordings.

Moreover, the compatibility with different mics and support for all of them is pretty great and you will never have to face any sorts of problems at that part. It might look identical to the Zoom F8n but there are some under the hood changes and F8n is the upgraded version with lots and lots of under the hood improvements.

Zoom F8n

Zoom F8n is the right thing and don’t let the looks fool you. The right enhancements that are under the hood on this model will make the perfect choice for you to have it. Since we are all familiar with the Zoom F8 features and what is on them.

Let’s talk about the major differences and improvements that are here on the Zoom F8n and make it just the perfect choice to have for everyone out there. To start with, there is a battery pack in the back and there have been major improvements there.

You will be able to get a better voltage range and that way, you can use it for longer periods without draining the backup or having to miss out on any sounds that you want to record. There is a four-cell li-ion battery pack in the back running at 14.4V for a stable battery supply to the circuit for smoother operations.

Another major upgrade that you will find on this enhanced version is related to the input menu and cables. Unlike the previous version, you get to choose the menu option no matter what input connection or cable you are using.

That way, you can have better compatibility with all the devices and will not have to switch between the cables manually. The output TA3 cables compatibility has been considerably improved as well and the frequency ranges are widened for you to have better sensitivity and crisp, clear audio without any noise on it.

It can go to -40dbV and that is simply unbeatable out there. To add the cherry on top, headphone amps have been improvised and the performance is such bliss for any user now.

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