Zep Floor Polish On RV: Is It Good?

zep floor polish on rv
zep floor polish on rv

Zep is a leading company that both designs and manufactures a series of products. These range from being made for vehicles, industrial use, and even for retail. Though, one of their most known products is their floor polish. The company started 80 years ago and has been improving on their products ever since.

They have come up with numerous other stuff that you can purchase. All of which are amazing and easy to use. The Zep floor polish is made to be applied on a surface after it has been cleaned. A single layer of this product should provide your floor with a shiny look.

Zep Floor Polish On RV

RV users have to drive around a lot. Due to this, their vehicle gets covered with dust and can even get scratches at times. Many users have thought about using polish on either the exterior or interior of their vehicles. This should allow it to look like the vehicle is brand new. Though, before applying the product to your RV it is important to consider some things. Zep provides its users with a complete list of materials that the polish can work on.

If you want to apply the Zep floor polish on your RV then it is essential that you check this. If the material for your vehicle match up with the supported ones then you can surely use it. Though, when it comes to the exterior, this can be a little complicated. You have to follow certain steps before the product can be applied.

These are important and the product will not work without these. The first one being that you have to completely wash your vehicle. This should be simple and you can easily wipe off the dirt from your RV. Now the second step requires you to wax the vehicle.

This will remove scratches from your RV making it look extremely clean. Though, removing the wax completely is also necessary. Wipe off all the wax from your vehicle by cleaning it again using water but this time mix it up with TSP.

This will ensure that none of the wax remains on the exterior. Any left of wax can cause the polish’s layer to come off your vehicle which will then look really bad. Once all the steps are complete, you can finally proceed to apply the Zep floor polish.

The first layer should mostly look bad while there might a little shine in certain parts. This is why you should apply several layers but make sure that all of them are uniform. Applying too much product can also be bad for your vehicle as the shine will eventually start to die out.

Once this is done, you can wait for some time and your vehicle should look amazing now. Some users have reported that the color of their vehicle looks a little darker after the polish but that is not a problem for most people. Although, if you do have any issues then it is better that you try another product instead.

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