3 Common Workhorse P32 Brake Problems

workhorse p32 brake problem
workhorse p32 brake problem

Numerous companies manufacture recreational vehicles and motorhomes for their users. Although, this is exactly why you must go through their products to find the best possible vehicle.

One famous brand that a lot of people have been going for is Workhorse. They have a huge lineup that you can select from and all of their vehicles have positive ratings.

The Workhorse P32 in specific is among some of the best RVs from Workhorse. This has tons of features on it which makes it quite popular. Although, you should note that there are also some issues that you can run into with this RV.

People have recently been complaining that the Workhorse P32 has some brake problems. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common issues related to the brakes on this vehicle along with ways to fix them.

3 of the Most Common Workhorse P32 Brake Problems

  1. Sounds Coming from Brakes

Before getting into any braking problems that you can get on the Workhorse P32 model. You should note that it is essential that you get these issues fixed as soon as possible. Most of these are easily recognizable which is why you have to take action accordingly.

This will help you in preventing the brakes from getting damaged completely and the repairing costs should also be much cheaper. With that being said, the first thing that you should check is if there is any sound coming from your bakes.

When driving normally, if the disc brakes in your vehicle have gotten worn out or if they are overheating then you should be able to hear a variety of noises.

Furthermore, you will notice that your vehicle takes a lot more time and effort to slow down when compared to its previous performance. Considering this, if the problem appears along with a red sign on your dashboard.

Then it is recommended that you stop driving your vehicle and contact a specialist. They will check the equipment and notify you about the issue along with its solution. Driving around your vehicle with the braking discs on it being damaged can be quite dangerous as these can stop working suddenly.

The safety of you along with others is much important than saving a little money on repairs. This is why you should ensure that the breaks are perfectly fixed before taking out your vehicle again.

  1. Warning Indicator on Dashboard

The second issue that you might get with your brakes can be that a warning indicator has appeared on your dashboard. This is usually shown as a red ABS logo which ensures the problem is with your brakes.

One way to confirm if there is any problem with your vehicle is to try driving around a little. If there is any issue with your brakes then you should be able to notice this when trying to slow down the vehicle.

In this case, make sure that you either take your vehicle to a workshop or get someone to check it for you. On the other hand, if there are no issues with your vehicle then it might be an error from the system.

These can be fixed by resetting the dashboard. Although, keep in mind that the control panel being buggy is quite rare which is why it is still recommended that you get your vehicle checked. You might have to get your disc blades repaired or replaced with new ones.

  1. Vibration on Steering Wheel When Pressing Brakes

Finally, another common problem that many people have reported is that the steering wheel on their vehicles starts vibrating when they press the brakes.

This should be much more noticeable when you are trying to make turns on your RV. If you are getting this issue on your vehicle then this is an indication of your brakes running into issues.

Considering this, you should take your vehicle to a specialist as soon as possible. This will ensure that the problem is fixed without the braking system running into any major issues. Additionally, the early repairs will also save you a lot of money and repairs.

On the other hand, if you ignore the problem then there is a high chance that your brake discs will get damaged. You will then have to get these replaced which will take a lot of time.

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