Wolf Creek 840 vs 850: What’s The Difference?

wolf creek 840 vs 850
wolf creek 840 vs 850

Northwood is a famous company that manufactures several vehicles for its users. These vehicles allow users to have a place to sleep in, a kitchen to cook for themselves as well as a bathroom while they are out on their trips.

The different features of these vehicles vary from model to model. This is why it is important to check all the specifications of a model before you think about purchasing it.

Wolf Creek 840 vs 850

Two of the most recommended vehicles from this company are both from the Wolf Creek lineup. These are the Wolf Creek 840 and 850.

You might be confused about which one to select between these two. Considering this, we will be providing you with all the information that you need in making a decision.

Wolf Creek 840

The Wolf Creek 840 is one of the best RVs that you can purchase. The company releases a new lineup of these vehicles every year which includes newer features. These are all added after hearing from the users and most problems with the vehicle are also fixed.

While the price of this vehicle will depend on where you decide to purchase it from, you should note that these are quite cheap when compared to the 850 models. The company provides a warranty of 12 months. Although, this might vary depending on where you decide to purchase it from.

This is divided into three categories which include the structure, roof as well as just the basics of your vehicle. If you get any problems regarding the 840 during this period then you can take your vehicle to the nearest dealer. Alternatively, you can also take it directly to Northwood instead. They should be able to provide you with replacement parts or fix your vehicle.

Although, the warranty might come void under certain conditions. This is why you must read the terms and conditions provided by Northwood. Aside from this the vehicle can hold up to a maximum weight of 2000 pounds and has only one door.

Wolf Creek 850

The Wolf Creek 850 is similar to the prior vehicle. Although, the main difference between them is their size. This makes the 850 higher in price but you are also provided with additional features.

While some companies provide their users to customize their RVs according to their usage. The Wolf Creek series makes this process easier by coming up with many lineups that you can select from. The higher you go up in the series the bigger it will be with more features.

This includes the number of rooms in the vehicle as well as the electrical appliances used in it. You should note that if there are any problems with these appliances then you can also choose to replace them with others of your own choice. However, keep in mind that some of them might not be supported by your device.

The Wolf Creek 850 also has a warranty service similar to the other models. If you are interested in these vehicles then you must consider all your needs first. The most important ones out of these are how much storage is available in your garage as well as how many people you want to go out on trips with. The storage is a major concern because when you are done with your trips.

The vehicle will have to be stored up for long periods. Usually, it is recommended that these are stored up in an area that is completely covered. This protects your vehicle from most damage from rainwater or dust particles.

If you are someone who likes to go out with only a few people then the Wolf Creek 840 is for you. Although, if you are someone who enjoys going out with a lot of people then it is recommended that you go with the 850 instead. Another recommendation is to check both of these vehicles out by taking a visit to your nearest dealer.

You can check the official website for this company to get a list of people who have these available. This will also help you out in selecting which one out of these two is best for you.

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