Winnebago vs Itasca: What’s The Difference?

winnebago vs itasca
winnebago vs itasca

Going out for camping trips and hiking can be really fun. This lets you take a break from your work and appreciate the outdoors. Enthusiasts even want to stay on their trips for a much longer duration.

Alternatively, you might be someone who likes going out on trips like these with their family and friends. For both of these conditions, you will have to take much more luggage than normally. Furthermore, you might also want to have a place that you can stay in.

This is where motorhomes and recreational vehicles come in. These vehicles provide you with a lot of space for storage and a bunch of features that you can enjoy. Although, when deciding to purchase one, you might get confused by all the companies that manufacture them.

Two of the most debated ones are Winnebago and Itasca. Before you get either of these, you must understand what their differences are. This will help you out in making a better decision for the long run.

Winnebago vs Itasca


Winnebago is among the most well-known brands when it comes to the RV community. People even refer to vehicles like motorhomes as Winnebago. This shows how much the brand’s name has become generic.

The company manufactures a huge lineup of vehicles that its users can choose from. All of these have different features on them which are made specifically for certain niches.

This includes lineups for luxury users as well as people who are on a budget. If you are interested in their products then you should check out their website.

What makes Winnebago stand out among all the different companies is that all of their vehicles are extremely durable. Even the ones made for budget users have high-quality products used in them.

This includes fiberglass coating, aluminum strips as well as real wood. These help in the vehicles lasting much longer than others and will also prevent them from running into issues.

Another great thing about this company is how much they consider security. The vehicles are equipped with dual axle frames while all the other major companies use standard single axles.

This special equipment keeps the motorhomes or recreational vehicles stable on the road even when going at high speeds. The prevention of sway is amazing during high wind pressure as well.

This shows how safe riding this vehicle is and you can also confirm these by checking the user ratings that the company has received. Most people who own a vehicle from Winnebago have reported that they have gotten no problems with it.


Itasca was a famous company that was known for its unique lineup of vehicles back in the ’70s. However. It was later on purchased by Winnebago. The company then kept its name and lineups for a few years.

All of which were then later on upgraded into the same vehicle lineup as Winnebago. The product that is used to manufacture the motorhomes for both of these companies is the same.

The features that you can find on them, the specifications, the price, and even the quality are the same. The only major difference between these two companies is their name. Along with it, both Winnebago and Itasca use different color schemes and palettes.

These can be noticed when you take a look at their vehicles. Considering this, if you want to choose a different lineup of want additional features then choosing between these companies will make no difference.

You can purchase either of them and will be provided with the same product. However, if you are someone who wants a difference in the color scheme of your vehicle then choosing between them might be a good option. Aside from this, another important thing that you should consider is the area that you live in.

The price for these vehicles might vary depending on what dealership is closer to you. This will also help you out in claiming a warranty and sending in the vehicle for repairs.

However, at the time Winnebago has officially announced that they will no longer manufacture further vehicles under Itasca’s name. Consequently, if you want a newer lineup of motorhomes then going for Winnebago will be the best option for you.

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