3 Common Winnebago Esperance Problems

winnebago esperance problems
winnebago esperance problems

Winnebago is a famous company from America that is known for manufacturing some of the best recreational vehicles. They have tons of lineups that come with different features on them.

Additionally, the shapes and sizes of these motorhomes are also different. This is why you should thoroughly check out all of these vehicles before selecting one for yourself.

You can also get additional equipment installed in your RV but this will cost you extra so keep that in mind. The Winnebago Esperance is one of the best motorhomes from the brand that a lot of people have been thinking about purchasing.

While this might be amazing to drive around in, there are also a few issues that can be found on it. This is why we will be using this article to provide you with some common problems that can be found on the Winnebago Esperance along with ways to fix them.

How to Fix Winnebago Esperance Problems?

  1. Seals Start to Leak

One of the most common issues that many people have reported getting on the Winnebago Esperance is that the seals on it start to leak eventually. This can be quite annoying to deal with as water entering your vehicle will destroy its interior.

Additionally, getting all the walls replaced costs a lot and will also take tons of time. Considering this, it is always a better option to fix your seals before the damage gets serious.

Unfortunately, the seals used on the Winnebago Esperance are quite weak and will come off quickly. You can get these replaced by Winnebago again but the problem will appear again after some time.

Considering this, it is a better option that you completely remove the seals used on this vehicle and then install a new layer yourself. Several companies manufacture amazing sealing products.

Some of these come in liquid solutions that will become rubber after drying while the rest of these seals are tapes. You can use either one of these but make sure that you select a sealing agent with good ratings. Additionally, keep in mind that these should be waterproof as this will ensure the new seals last you a long time.

The application process to install the new seals will take some time but if you are hesitant about doing this on your own. Then you can also contact some workshops nearby to get someone who will do this for you.

Finally, you should avoid going out during heavy rains for some time as it takes a few days for your seals to completely get cured and waterproof. Although, once this is done, you should be able to go out on trips without having to worry about the seals on your vehicle again.

  1. Furnace Issues

Another common issue that many people using the Winnebago Esperance have reported is that the furnace in their vehicle stops working.

Although, you should note that this requires you to have a constant supply of propane gas to work. Additionally, there is a minimum limit to how much gas you should have left in your tank.

This should be around 1/4th of the tank, considering this, if the gas drops below this then your furnace will stop working. This is why make sure that you fill your tank again and tighten all of its connections.

Sometimes having loose pipes will also switch off your burner. This is a security feature provided to avoid running into accidents. Although, if there is a propane leakage then you should be able to tell this easily by the smell this gas gives off.

  1. Equipment Getting Damaged

Finally, many people complain about the equipment in their vehicle dying or becoming faulty sometime after purchasing the vehicle. Keep in mind that most of these products should be covered by your warranty. Considering this, you can simply get them replaced with new ones for free by contacting Winnebago.

Although, some requirements need to be fulfilled before you can claim the warranty service. This is why make sure that you go through all the guidelines carefully. If the broken equipment was due to your fault then you will have to pay to get these replaced.

Additionally, make sure that you troubleshoot the devices beforehand as sometimes the problem can simply be due to the wirings coming off.

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