Winegard Trav’ler EL Motorhome Failure: 3 Issues

winegard trav'ler el motorhome failure
winegard trav’ler el motorhome failure

Going out on camping trips with your friends and family can be a lot of fun. Although, if you are a camping enthusiast then you most likely stay on your trips for long periods. This is why it can be necessary to have a large vehicle that will help you in staying comfortable. Aside from this, one issue that many people traveling in motorhomes complain about is the lack of cables services.

This is why companies like Winegard have come up with antennas that can be installed on your vehicle. The Trav’ler EL motorhome from Winegard is one of the best antennas that you can get, but even when you have this installed, there are still some problems that you can run into, such as a performance failure.

This is why we will be using this article to talk about some common issues that you can get along with ways to fix them.

Winegard Trav’ler EL Motorhome Failure Problems with Solutions

1. Check Installation

While some models of motorhome from Winegard come with this antenna pre-installed on them. Many users decide to order these for their vehicles. The purchasing process is quite simple and you should get your hands on the antenna a few days after ordering it. Alternatively, if you went to a dealer then you can purchase the antenna on the spot.

Although, the main issue that you will have with this device is with its installation. Many users complain that their antennas were not working after they had installed them. Although, the main reason behind this can be that you did not install the product properly.

The company provides its users with a manual that contains step-by-step information on how to install this antenna. You can use it to ensure the procedure goes smoothly. However, if you are still having trouble then you can check video guides online. People who got their antennas from a dealer can ask them to install the product for them. Keep in mind that the position of your antenna is also quite important.

Make sure that you install it somewhere it can easily catch on signals. Obstructions between the antenna’s path can make it harder for it to catch on to signals. This is why make sure that you find a good position to install your antenna on.

2. Update Receiver

If you notice that the installation process for your antenna went smooth. Then the problem might be from your receiver. These are the devices that your antenna sends all the signals to. Considering this, if there are any issues with the receiver, then your antenna will not work. Make sure that all the connections are tightly plugged in.

This is important because sometimes the issue can simply be a loose or damaged wire. The route that your wire takes to get from the antenna to your receiver should be selected carefully. Any sharp turns on the wire will damage its insides and you will have to replace it. Once you confirm that all your connections are working perfectly. You can then move on to checking the firmware on your receiver.

Sometimes people forget to update their receiver and running the device on these older models can prevent it from establishing a connection with newer antennas. Keeping this in mind, open the settings on your receiver to update it to the latest version. Aside from this, a simple reset will also allow the receiver to install the newest firmware available. Although, this will also remove any changes that you had made to its configuration.

3. Configuration Error

Finally, sometimes your dish not working properly can simply be because you had not configured it properly. The entire procedure is provided to the user on the manual. If you are having trouble trying to follow these steps then you can also contact the support team for Winegard.

They will help you setting up the antenna as well as connecting it to the receiver. If done correctly, your device should start working. Although, if you are still having issues then your antenna might be faulty. The support team should help in identifying this and will provide you with a  replacement unit depending on when you bought the product.

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