Wilson and Fisher Zero Gravity Chair Review- Any Good?

wilson and fisher zero gravity chair review
wilson and fisher zero gravity chair review

Sitting down on chairs can provide comfort to one’s body and also help them to relax. The better a chair is the more its user will feel at ease. This is why it is important that you purchase a chair of good quality that has a seat with cushioning.

Talking about this, companies have recently been working on zero chairs. You might be wondering how these are any different from traditional chairs and sofas.

A zero-gravity chair basically acts like a recliner but the user’s body is suspended in a position where their feet are aligned with their heart. This allows them to feel a sensation of weightlessness. Additionally, these chairs provide several other benefits to the people using them. These include keeping their bodies in better condition.

Wilson and Fisher Zero Gravity Chair Review

Wilson and Fisher is a company that has been working on both designing and then manufacturing furniture-related products. They have a huge lineup that the users can select from. One of these products is their zero-gravity chair.

Usually, chairs like these are made to be used inside your house but this model by Wilson and Fisher is designed to be used in your lawn. Alternatively, it can also be taken out on your trips.


Talking about portability, one of the best things about this product is that it can easily be folded down. You can then store up this compact chair in any nook of your storage while packing for your trip.

You can then sit on comfortably and enjoy the sunlight while you are out camping. It can be used to read books, comics, and even newspapers. Aside from this, another great thing about this zero-gravity chair is that it contains a cup holder. This is located on the right-hand side and can hold up to two cups at a time.

The overall built of this chair is from metal except for the cup holder which is made out of plastic. This makes it extremely durable and remains stable even when there is a lot of load on it. The company ensures this fact by giving it a maximum load capacity of up to 250 pounds.

This is quite amazing when you consider how small its size is. Another great thing about this chair is its lightweight. This allows users to carry the chair around themselves without having to worry about the distance they are trying to cover.

The steel frame on this chair is coated with a powder to give it color. This makes the chair look amazing under light and you can even use it in your room if you want to. Additionally, the chair comes in a number of different colors.

You can choose between them depending on your preference. This makes it easy to match the chair up with your room’s color setting. Aside from all of this, the chair requires absolutely no assembly. This means that you will receive the product folded down. You can then start using it without any problem.


One of the most important t things to consider when purchasing a chair is how comfortable it is. You might be wondering how a chair that is made to be used outdoors can be so soft to sit on. This is because of the material used for its fabric.

On top of being soft, another great thing about it is that it can dry really quickly. This means that if you accidentally drip water on it then it will take just a few minutes for it to dry off. The user also has an option to change the seating positions on their chairs through a mechanism built into them.

The chair’s design allows users to both set it at a straight-up seated position. Alternatively, you can set it at its zero-gravity position. These can be switched between any time that you want without any problems.

Lastly, if you have any problems with the chair then you can use your online order data to contact the company. They should be able to provide you with a refund. Although, one thing to keep in mind during this is the condition your chair is in. If it Is damaged then the company might not accept your refund.

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