What Size Of Tarp For Camping? (Explained)

what size tarp for camping
what size tarp for camping

A tarp is a nylon or plastic sheet which is used as an alternative to a tent. To set this up, the user needs to rig up poles and tent pegs and then place the tarp on them. When a camper thinks of purchasing a tarp for their tents, it is essential for them to look out for a number of factors that might affect their tent.

For instance, they need to look out for the material the tarp is made out of as well as the resistance it provides during different types of weathers.

Additionally, one needs to make sure the tarp is durable enough to withstand getting scratched. The most important factor for someone purchasing a tarp is to make sure they get a perfect size.

A tarp that has been selected at its perfect size will help the camper in utilizing it to its full purpose. These can range from creating a shelter to even covering down floors at their homes while painting.

What Size Of Tarp For Camping?

Choosing the Right Cut Size

Selecting the most appropriate size for your tarp can be a little tricky. There are a number of things that the user needs to look out for while choosing the right size. The most important one out of these is to consider what you are going to use the tarp for. The most common ways to use a tarp are for camping and setting up a hammock.

For camping, it is recommended by expert campers that you use a 9×9 square tarp. This size is perfect for using the tarp in a variety of ways to provide shelter for one person.  For a hammock, 8×10 is the best size and will provide enough coverage for a single person. You can go up a little more on the size to accommodate space for two people. Alternatively, you can purchase separate tarps for each of your friends using the recommended size.

Considering Weight and Storage

After you are done selecting the size for your tarp. It is important to consider the weight as well. Obviously, the larger a tarp gets, the heavier it will be. Mostly tarps are used over tents because of their lightweight.

Although, if you happen to get a tarp that is too big then it will instead weigh you down. This is you should always keep in mind that you take enough tarp with you that will allow you to travel easily while carrying it around.

Another thing to look out for is that you will need to store your tarp somewhere while it is not in use. Leaving it out will make it get dirty and it even gets scratched by something. Small tarps are really easy to fold down and make them compact.

These can easily be stored in your bags and with your other stuff. While the larger the tarp you purchase the heavier and more difficult it will get to store it.

This is why it is recommended that you buy the tarp according to the recommended size so that you can enjoy your trip without having to worry about stuff like this.

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