3 Best VW Camper Refrigerator That You Can Buy

vw camper refrigerator
vw camper refrigerator

Volkswagen or VW is a German-based company that focuses on the manufacture of automobiles. These include a massive lineup of cars and even camper trailers. The Volkswagen camper is one of the most used vehicles by campers on their trips.

This trailer is capable of covering large distances while also providing comfort to its owners. While going on trips, people like to take food or edibles with them. It is most preferred that they keep their items cold in a refrigerator.

Considering this, the VW trailer is also capable of utilizing a camper refrigerator. Some people might wonder which refrigerator to use on their VW camper. If that is the case then this article will help you to look at some of the best camper refrigerators along with all their details. So that you can easily decide which one to get.

Best VW Camper Refrigerator

  1. Dometic CFX-65 60 L Portable Compressor Fridge Freezer, 12/24 V

The Dometic CFX-65 is a portable fridge that doubles down as a freezer as well. It uses the ‘compression technology’ to keep all the stuff cool. This technology ensures that all the items in the fridge get a steady stream of cooling. This amazing style of fridge allows people to use it in their VW camper without taking up much space. These are mostly used to store drinks or breakfast when going for small trips as these fridges are not capable of storing too much due to their small size.

The CFX-65 from Dometic offers a 60 Liter compartment for storing your food and drinks. On top of that this fridge is compatible with both 12v and 24v DC and 240v and 100v AC. This makes it really versatile and able to connect with a lot more vehicles other than the VW. It keeps the energy consumption completely low by taking in as low as 59kWh.

This also comes with a built-in light which is hardly found on any cooler boxes and weighs around only 12.7kg. This makes it possible to be moved easily. It also comes with a USB port so that you can easily charge your mobile phones or any other device at high speeds. Lastly, this fridge is also included with a digital thermometer, which is placed on the top of your product. This allows the users to see how cold their items are at all times. This is a really important and useful feature.

Even though this fridge has quite a few benefits, there are a few drawbacks as well. This device is not as silent as absorption fridges and the users might get irritated from the noise. The budget required for this product also needs to be a little high. Finally, a little venting space is required behind the refrigerator so that it does not get too hot.

  1. GE GDE03GGKBB Freestanding Compact Refrigerator, 3.1 Cu Ft

This compact refrigerator is manufactured by GE appliances. This style of fridge offers a double door technology. This means that the freezer compartment is completely separate from the fridge rack. This allows you to set the temperature of both these compartments separately allowing you to freeze some stuff while keeping other products cold. The fridge comes in with glass shelves that are sturdy enough to lift your products while also keeping the device clean and organized. The doors have racks in them made specifically to hold drinks and beverages.

This amazing fridge provides interior lighting as well so that you can look at your stuff even at night without having to turn on the lights. The compressor used by it is quite reliable and heavily tested. This allows the fridge to deliver a really good performance. The handles are recessed which means that they are not sticking out and taking useful space. The fridge section is always kept frost free which takes out the trouble of you having to defrost it from time to time. Although the freezer does not come with an automatic defrost and requires you to do it manually.

This is a freestanding fridge that requires only 120 volts to run. This can easily be placed in your VW and because of the low noise, it makes. People won’t even notice that your refrigerator is running. The dimensions for this fridge are 20.1 x 18.8 x 33.4 which are in inches. This shows that it is quite a small device and can be fit easily in the bottom compartment of your VW.

Aside from the high-power consumption, there are only a minor number of drawbacks to this fridge. On top of its great performance, the budget required for this fridge is also quite low. It also comes in a few more variants and can also be purchased in three colors. Including Black, white, and clean steel.

  1. Koolatron KCR40B Fridge, 1.7 cu. ft, Silver

The Koolatron KCR40B is a compact fridge which means that it is made specifically to be used in boats, trucks, or RVs like the Volkswagen Camper. This kind of refrigerators is quite common when it comes to camping as people usually prefer to have a compact fridge that can keep their stuff cold. While also ensuring that it is not too expensive and meets their budget. This fridge is ideal when it comes to camping as it uses heat pipe technology.

This unique technology provides the device to provide cooling that is really powerful and efficient in such a compact size. Running on a 110V AC and 12V DC, this compact fridge is able to fit in any small compartment easily. The low power cost ensures that this can even be taken on longer trips. As the driver will not have to worry about the battery getting dried. The fridge provides 48 liters of capacity for the products stored in it. On top of that, this provides a noise-free performance which makes the users not even notice that the device is running.

This also comes with a rack in its door, which can be used to store drinks while the racks that be used to store your products. Although, the few drawbacks this fridge has are that the shelves are plastic which makes it less durable. As well as there is no separate portion in it to freeze your products. Also, that there is only one available color to purchase it in, and does not provide any variety.

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