Uline Ice Maker Not Making Ice: 3 Ways To Fix

uline ice maker not making ice
uline ice maker not making ice

Having a compact ice maker will make your camping trips more enjoyable. If you’re looking for efficiency then Uline icemakers should be your first choice. The good thing about them is that they don’t take much space in your motor home.

These devices can still produce a lot of good quality ice and can prove to be the best partner for camping trips in hot regions. Uline Ice Makers don’t require as much energy and are very easy to install.

Sadly, some users have been experiencing difficulties with the Uline Icemaker. If you are also experiencing problems with the Uline ice maker not making ice then this article is for you. We will go over some steps that can potentially fix the issue.

Uline Ice Maker Not Making Ice

  1. Check Temperature and Frost

One of the reasons why your icemaker can behave like this is because the temperature is set up too low. Lowering the temperature will indeed cool the water faster, but after a certain point, lowering the temperature further decreases the efficiency of the icemaker.

So, if you’re are on the coldest setting then you should try increasing the temperature a bit to see if that helps you with the icemaker. Sometimes, water from the valve can also freeze up due to lower temperature which is why you won’t get any ice from the device.

Along with that, you will have to clean out the frost in your icemaker and leave it idle for a few hours. Make sure that it is not plugged into a power outlet and then clean the icemaker again to get rid of the remaining water.

Make sure to follow the owner’s manual to clean the icemaker efficiently and you won’t have to bother with any other solutions. Cleaning the ice maker at regular intervals will help you avoid this problem in the future.

  1. Check Supply Valve

Another very common reason for this behavior is that sometimes the supply valve will freeze up which will cut off the water supply. This is why your ice maker won’t make any ice even though it is plugged into a power outlet.

Usually, this problem occurs when you have the temperature set at the lowest setting and you don’t use the icemaker often. If that is the case, then you will have to unfreeze the supply valve to make sure that it is working properly. You can do that by just unplugging the Uline icemaker from the power source for a few hours.

Along with that, you need to check the water pressure from the supply valve going into the device. If the water pressure is not up to the mark, then you will keep experiencing this issue. To avoid this problem, you can either use a pressure regulator or change the water source. That should get the ice maker working again.

Aside from the water pressure, you will have to ensure that the valve is not leaking from any part. As that can also lower the pressure from the supply valve and you won’t get any ice from the device.

  1. Check Filter

A lot of customers also like to install an additional filter to the supply valve. If you have done the same then try changing the water filter or removing it entirely from the device. Then you can test the Icemaker again to see if you’re getting any ice from the device.

If you have been using the Uline Icemaker for a long time then the problem might be related to the internal filter. In any case, it would be better if you can refer to the owner’s manual to replace the water filter.

However, if you’ve recently bought this device and it won’t work properly then it would be better to just forward a warranty claim. You shouldn’t try to open the Icemaker yourself as that can void your warranty. Make sure to only try troubleshooting steps that don’t involve opening up the ice maker.

If the ice maker is faulty, then you can secure a replacement from the suppliers. Most of the time, the issues with Icemakers are related to faulty supply valves and internal temperature. So, make sure to double-check that before forwarding a warranty claim.

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