TST TPMS Review 2022- Is It Worth The Price?

tst tpms review
tst tpms review

Taking good care of your vehicle is one of the most important things. This helps in keeping it maintained and preventing it from running into any problems. This also includes keeping a check over the tires in your vehicle. These help in keeping your vehicle stable at all times as well as giving you a good experience when driving it.

By keeping the air pressure in all of your tires equal, you will ensure that it does not wobble around. This gives a comfortable ride without having to keep both of your hands on the steering wheel at all times.

Talking about this, it can get quite annoying to keep a check on your vehicle’s tires. This is because every time you want to check them, the user has to get off the vehicle and take a look around them manually.


Considering this, Truck System Technologies or also commonly known just as TST has come up with a product that fixes this problem. The TST TPMS is a tire pressure monitoring tool that will keep reading the condition of all of your tires. This makes it quite easy to keep a check on these.

Additionally, this is a great product for people who cannot check their tire pressure manually by themselves. The product checks both the temperature your tires are running on as well as the overall PSI rating on them.

This helps in identifying any problem that might be on them before you run into any serious issue. This is why this product also acts as a safety measure for the users.

Another great thing about this product is that it will work on most types of tires. These include your trucks, cars, trailers, and even motorhomes. While keeping a check on your car’s tires is important it is even more essential that you keep a check on your RV tires.

This is because these vehicles basically act as your own home when you are out on a camping or hiking trip. If you run into any problem with them while you are out in the wild. It can be really difficult to deal with it. This is considering, some places don’t even have stable signal strength.


There are a number of different products that come included when you purchase the TST TPMS kit. These include a color monitor that will be displayed on your vehicle to provide you with all the information that you need.  Other than this, the users are also provided with a number of different sensors.

These can be selected depending on your choice and the number of things that you want to keep a count of. All of these will then be displayed on your monitor and can be changed or set up according to you.

Aside from these, the company provides users with different types of suction and dash mounts. These can be used to fit the displays wherever you want on your vehicle. The suction ability on these products ensures that they won’t come off even if your vehicle is shaking a lot.

Lastly, the kit comes with a signal repeater and power supply. These are essential in setting up all of this equipment on your vehicle. The equipment can run on both a USB-powered system or alternatively, a DC power supply.


You might be wondering how much does this product cot. The TST TPMS costs the users a total of 297$. This kit includes the flow-through sensors as well as the four different types of cap sensors that you need. Although, the price might vary if you decide to change the sensors or get additional ones. These can all be selected easily while you are on the buying page for this product.

This is why you should keep in mind which things you want to keep reading of. This will help you in selecting all the sensors that you need for your kit. Another thing to note is that some of these sensors are made for RVs while others are made for vehicles that you want to tow down. This is why it is important that you check these and their compatibility before purchasing them.

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