A Brief Guide For Towing Small Car Behind Motorhome

towing small car behind motorhome
towing small car behind motorhome

People all around the world enjoy going out on camping trips with their friends and family. This lets them explore areas they had never been to before. Additionally, they can also make new memories with their loved ones. With that being said, you should note that some users enjoy going out on these trips for a much longer time. These enthusiasts almost stay on their trips more than they are at their own homes.

Considering this, they must have a lot of equipment with them. Carrying all of this in a small vehicle can be almost impossible. This is why companies have come up with some solutions that can be used instead. One famous option includes purchasing a large RV for yourself so that you can take it on your trip. These vehicles are equipped with features that ensure camping enthusiasts can have a fun time without any problems.

Towing Small Car Behind Motorhome

Motorhomes have tons of features including having a ton of space for storage.  Additionally, people can use electrical appliances even while they are traveling. Although, the main downside to these amazing vehicles is their high price. This is why another option that you can go with is a trailer. These vehicles lack the engine and transmission system required to move them.

This is why people have to tow them down to another vehicle to carry them. Considering this, one important requirement is that you have a powerful enough engine to tow your trailer. Moreover, the user should also have a tow bar and hitch system with them that is supported by the vehicles. Once you have installed all of these, the user can start taking their trailer with them on their trip.

Talking about all of this, you should note that just like towing a trailer to your car, the reverse is also possible. This means that you can also tow your car behind your motorhome so that it can be taken with you on your trip. There are many reasons why someone would want to do this. For instance, people might want to have a smaller vehicle that they can use on their trip that does not take as much effort to drive as a motorhome.

Consequently, if you have towed a car to your motorhome then you can just take off the vehicle and continue driving it. Whatever the case might be, if you are interested in towing a small car behind your motorhome, then here are some important steps that can be followed to achieve this.

  • Start by getting yourself a tow bar that uses the same connectors on it as your hitch system. Numerous companies are known for manufacturing these devices so it is best that go through them carefully and select a reliable one. Additionally, looking out for the weight of your vehicle and motorhome will also help you in getting yourself a tow bar that can handle all the load.
  • Finally, once you have your tow bar with you, start by installing it at the back of your motorhome. Keep in mind that not every car has a hitch on its front to hook your tow bar onto. Considering this, you have the option to get this installed so that the vehicle can be towed. Alternatively, you can go with an additional step to achieve this without the hitch system.
  • Usually, you should be able to easily tow your car with the motorhome if you had the required hitch system. Although, if this is not possible then another solution that you can go for is using a tow dolly or car hauler. These are additional equipment that allows people to carry more luggage with them. Most models have enough weight ratings to even attach a car to them.
  • Going through the information provided above, if you did not have a hitch system on your car then using a car hauler or tow dolly will do the trick. Next, you will have to confirm that your vehicle is tightly connected to the motorhome so that it does not come off. Finally, ensure that you have distributed the weight between your vehicles properly. This will help in having a smooth driving experience throughout your trip.

Following the steps mentioned above, you should easily be able to tow your small car behind a motorhome. In case you are having trouble with any step, keep in mind that most workshops will also be able to help you with this process.


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