TireTraker Review 2022: Is It Worth The Price?

tiretraker review
tiretraker review

TireTraker Review

You should always keep your vehicles maintained. There are tons of equipment that can help you with this. Talking about this, the company TireTraker provides its users with one of the best devices to check the pressure in their tires. This is one of the best products that you can purchase to ensure that your vehicle does not run into much problems related to tires.


The device keeps a track of the air pressure in your wheels and then keeps you notified about them. If the air exceeds while you are blowing the tires then it will notify you so you can stop. Other than this, if the air starts dropping lower than it should be then the device will alert you again. This way you can keep your tires in the best condition possible at all times. If the tires get damaged somehow and start leaking then you will be alarmed on the spot.

Additionally, the device also allows users to keep a reading of the temperature of the tires. This can help you out in a lot of situations. One of these is that you will be alarmed if the tires are getting too warm. This way you can give the vehicle a rest. The rubber on tires starts to meltdown if they get too hot. Additionally, if the tires are too cold in winters then they won’t generate enough friction. This might cause them to slip but the device will notify you about the temperature of your tires so you can prevent this.

All of the warnings provided by this device is through an audible alarm system. The device will keep beeping until you turn off the warning on it. Aside from this, the device contains a battery. This means that it needs to be kept charged for it to function correctly. The company claims that these batteries will last you 30 days easily on a single charge. Although, we recommend that you charge these up before the battery dies out. Aside from charging up the batteries, you can even replace them.

This means that you can keep a spare pair of batteries that you can swap out with the other ones, once they die out. Additionally, these batteries are super light and you can keep more than just one pair of them with you. The overall operating costs on them are also one of the cheapest options in the market. The tire sensors are also interchangeable and can be swapped out whenever you want to.


Aside from the lots of features that this company provides for its users, there are also some services that come with the product. The most important one out of all these is the warranty on them. The limited warranty on their products allows the users to claim it if they encounter any problem with this device. The warranty allows users to get the device fixed or the company might even end up completely replacing your faulty device with a new one.

However, the warranty highly depends on the condition of the equipment. If you use it really harshly and without any care then the warranty on it might become void. Another great thing is that all the information displayed on the screen of this device happens in real-time. This means that you will be notified the second, anything about your tire’s condition changes. This is a great company and you can even check the customer rating for their device. Most of these are extremely positive.

All the people that are using this tire pressure monitoring device are extremely satisfied with its services. You can even contact the support team if you run into any problems. The technical support for this is always live and can be contacted whenever you want. You can tell the team about the issue you might in without leaving out anything important. This way they will identify the root of your problem and get it fixed as soon as possible. Lastly, you can use this product on almost all types of vehicles but make sure to purchase a model that is supported.

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