Thor Sequence vs Tellaro- Which RV Is Better?

thor sequence vs tellaro
thor sequence vs tellaro

People all over the world decide to go out on trips during their vacations. This is because they are mostly bored at their homes and want to go out and explore new areas. Although, some enthusiasts love going on these trips. This is exactly why they plan these camping ventures every few months. Additionally, some of these people also stay on their trips for months at times. When it comes to these users, they have to carry a lot of equipment with them.

This is necessary to survive and help these people in having a good time. Although, carrying all of this on a small vehicle can be quite difficult. This is why you will notice people going for larger vehicles instead. Two of the most popular choices that you can go for include Thor Sequence and Thor Tellaro. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between these two so that it can be easier for you to select one.

The Main Differences Between Thor Sequence and Tellaro

Thor Sequence

Thor motor coach is a famous company that is known for manufacturing RVs for its users. The brand has a huge lineup that you can select from. All of these vehicles have different features on them. Additionally, they fall into different categories which can confuse people more. Luckily, the brand has a website that you can visit. This contains a list of all the vehicles available at their dealerships.

You can easily go through the prices and specifications of these motorhomes by clicking on a specific model. Going through these should help you in finding a vehicle that will work best for you. The Thor Sequence is one of the most popular choices by users. This camper van comes with numerous features. However, the main selling point for it is its small size.

This is almost the same as a truck or van which makes it easier to drive. Moreover, most of the issues that people complain about when driving motorhomes are not found on this vehicle. This is because getting sway and stability problems usually happen because of the large size of motorhomes. Although, when it comes to the Thor Sequence and its small form factor design, these issues are prevented.

The vehicle comes with an awning built into it which is completely automated. This means that you can close or open the awning by pressing a single button on the control panel. Aside from this, you also have a roof ladder installed on the side of your vehicle. This allows you to easily access the roof of your camper van whenever you want to.

Thor Tellaro

Thor Tellaro is another famous lineup that you will notice many people talking about. This is another camper van from the same brand. Although, when it comes to the features of this vehicle, there are tons of differences. Keep in mind that the interior and equipment installed in the vehicle do not matter. This is because most dealers will give you the option to select which appliances should be installed in your motorhomes.

Additionally, most of the furniture can be replaced by third-party stuff whenever you want to. With this being said, the main difference between the two camper vans is the list of floorplans available. Both lineups have their unique floorplans. These allow you to change the layout of your vehicle by altering the sizes of rooms. Additionally, some floorplans also allow you to add in more rooms as well as change their location.

Considering this, you should go through all of these carefully. The prices on them also differ which is why you should check their specifications before deciding on a specific option. Other than this, both vehicles use the same chassis. Keeping this in mind, the engine and transmission system on your camper van will be the same.

In the end, it comes to the personal choice of a user to select which vehicle will work best for them. In case you run into any issues with your camper van. Thor has a support service that can be contacted. Make sure that you notify them about your issue and give them detailed information about your problem. They will then try their best to get your issue sorted as soon as possible.

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