Thor Sequence vs Tellaro- Which RV Is Better?

thor sequence vs tellaro
thor sequence vs tellaro

There is no doubt about it – one of the best ways to relax and unwind and make the best of the weather is to head out for a road trip when it’s vacation time. People all over the world have been doing it for years.

However, the way we do it now is a lot different than what it used to be. Back in the day, you would cram the whole family into a primitive and really basic van and just try to make the best of it. Now, with the popularity and availability of RV’s, we can all aim for a little more luxury.

For those who aren’t exactly the type to ‘rough it’, this makes for the ideal compromise. You get nearly all of the perks you get from staying at home, but you get to look at a new set of scenery every day – if that’s what you want to do. Because it’s all gotten so easy now, there are many of us who will even choose to head out for months at a time and fully embrace the nomadic lifestyle.

This requires us to carry a LOT of equipment, though. Essentially, we always need to make sure that there are the right supplies to predict any need that might arise. And this is precisely why so many of us have chosen to upsize, just to make sure that that’s possible.

Though there are many options out there for the discerning nomad, it can end up being quite hard to decide which is best for you. This is especially so if you are a newcomer to the lifestyle. So, this is precisely why we have decided to help you make that decision by giving you as much unbiased info as we possibly can.

Two models that people often get stuck trying to choose between are the Thor Sequence and the Tellaro, by the same manufacturer. If this is the choice you are trying to make, you have come to the right place! Let’s get to comparing them.

Thor Sequence vs Tellaro: The Main Differences

Thor Sequence

Thor have long since established themselves as a famously reliable and just all around ‘decent’ manufacturer of RV’s. And, when you think about it, reliability is one of the most important things to look for when making your final choice.

Unfortunately, it can be quite tough to shop for one, considering they have such a broad range to select from. Sometimes, too many options can be a bad thing, we would suppose.

Within this range, each vehicle will have their own features to choose from, making each one better at one specific thing than the next. On top of that, their range often fall into totally different categories from each other, making the whole process that bit extra confusing. Thankfully, their website is pretty good at explaining all of this. It’s almost like they knew people would struggle with making a choice.

Within the brand’s website, it is easy enough to scroll through the list of vehicles, assessing the specs and price points as you go along. This helps some, but not all. Of all the range, the Thor Sequence is definitely one of the better all-rounders and is also one of the more popular choices as a result. That being said we happen to think that its biggest advantage is its compact stature, making it far more manageable on the road.

The simple fact of it is that the bigger the RV, the harder it is to drive in the long run. Considering how much time you will likely spend on the road driveability is absolutely key. Of course, it won’t exactly handle like a car does, but it won’t feel like you’re wrestling a semi either! It is this element that current drivers report as the biggest selling point.

Most of the problems that RV drivers generally report in terms of driveability just aren’t there. Effectively, you are looking at having less of the ‘ugly’ side of driving an RVless sway and more overall stability.

The downside to the small build is the reduction in usable space. However, there are perks that allow you to really open up the space when you are not in motion. The first of these is that it comes with a built-in awning that is completely automated.

Want more usable space? Simply open out the awning and claim that space as your own! On top of that, there is also a roof ladder on the side of this RV that allows you access to the roof when you want to – absolutely perfect for sunbathing!

Thor Tellaro

In the same vein as the Sequence, the Thor Tellaro has become massively popular as a general all-rounder RV, designed to suit the needs of a broad range of potential customers. Yet, though the Tellaro is from the same brand, the two are actually quite a bit different to each other. This becomes more apparent when you have a closer look at the list of features it has.

Before we get into that properly though, let’s just put out a quick reminder that the interior and equipment that you see in the pictures shouldn’t affect your overall decision here. The reason for this is that most dealers will give you the final say on all options installed in the RV. This goes right down to the appliances.

On top of that, pretty much all of the furniture you originally get can be easily replaced down the line for third-party stuff, if you really want to. So, to get into the main differences a bit. The first thing we should point out is that the available floorpans are unique from each other.

These give you the ability to alter the layout of your RV by effectively changing the sizes of the rooms. Some floorpans will even allow you to add more rooms into the mix, as well as changing their locations.

For this reason, the best advice that we can give you is to go through all of these floorpan options carefully. For one thing, the prices on them can differ quite dramatically, so this could end up informing your choice. Check the specs, and then balance that against what you are willing to spend.

Once that’s sorted, there isn’t too much to worry about. Given that each model uses the same chassis, they both drive fairly similarly. They’ll also have the same transmission and engine. This only leaves you to be concerned with customisation to suit your exact needs.

When all is said and done, it will all be up to you at the end of the day. So, it really matters how many people you will be travelling with and what way you think you could best utilise the space that is available to you.

After you have made your choice, if anything comes up that you are unsure of, Thor have a decent support service that will try their best to help you out. In the unlikely event that it comes to that, make sure to give all the detail you can about what the issue is. That way, they will be able to narrow down the root cause of the problem much quicker.

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  1. We bought a brand new 2022 Thor sequence a month ago. Drives very easily. However, we are having so many issues on our first trip: solar panel doesn’t work ( will get new one in 2 months), propane leak making cooktop useless and no hot water ( aside from being a major safety issue!), shy light opened as soon as we hit the highway making loud noise. Wineguard only works with Simcard 4 G , not 5 G compatible!. Pioneer radio screen is tiny. Rear camera is great on the radio screen but we also need GPS. We installed a larger Garmin GPS right beside the radio screen and it works perfectly. Overall Unit looks really good but quality could be greatly improved.


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