Thetford Aqua Magic IV Leaking: 3 Ways To Fix

thetford aqua magic iv leaking
thetford aqua magic iv leaking

Thetford is a famous company that focuses on manufacturing sanitation products for RVs and motorhomes. They are originally from America, but the brand has been expanding over time.

When it comes to installing a toilet or replacing its parts, Thetford is the most recommended company for this. They have lots of features that their products come with.

Additionally, you can even check their website for the specifications about this equipment. This makes it easier for people to select one for their usage and you can even take a look at dealers nearby you.

Though, you should note that recently some Thetford users have been reporting that the Aqua Magic IV is leaking for them. If you are also getting this problem then here are some simple steps that should help you in solving this.

Thetford Aqua Magic IV Leaking

  1. Check Pedal Flush

The first thing that the user should do when they notice a leak in their toilet is where the water is coming out from.

This can either be from the top part of your device or its bottom. Though, when looking at Aqua Magic IV, there are two models that this toilet comes in. One of them is the foot pedal one while the other having a hand flush.

Usually, if the leak is coming from the pedal flushes then these might have gotten damaged. The user can take these off and then get them replaced with new ones easily.

You will just have to contact the company and purchase replacement parts directly from them. Once these arrive, replace them with your faulty ones to fix the issue.

  1. Check Connections

Sometimes the water leakage can be from behind your toilet. In this case, the problem is actually from the water connections on the device and not the toilet itself.

You will have to check all the pipelines and connections for your equipment to identify the issue.

If the problem was simply from a loose connection then you can tighten it up to fix this. However, if one of the pipelines has gotten damaged, then these need to be replaced.

Make sure that there are bends in your pipes when you route them to avoid these issues. Furthermore, you can even cover the pipes with tape for the time being to stop the leakage.

  1. Check Toilet’s Base

If the user notices that their foot pedal is working fine. But there is still water leaking from the base of their toilet. Then this usually means that the sealant on the floor has started to come off. People usually use wax or paper for these that can start to die out with time.

You will have to take off your entire toilet and replace this layer with a new one. After which you can proceed to install your toilet back in with a sealant. Make sure that you use a waterproof product to avoid running into similar issues anytime soon.

Additionally, ensure that the position for your wax layer or paper is correct before installing the toilet back in its place.

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